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8th Annual Wea Indian Tribal Gathering

June 9, 10, & 11, 2006


1996 Kerrville New Folk Singer and Emerging Artist-winner


Performance & visit with the Wea at their Tribal Gathering

"She writes songs with messagesÖhers is a voice that needs to be heard and her songs are as poetic as they are powerful! (B. Miller quote) Musically buoyant and lyrically brave tunes - folk-rock with Native American spirituality...Tice's songs capture instances of universal recognition and appeal."

Her latest album "Second Skin," produced by Native American Grammy Award winner Bill Miller, crosses musical boundaries from folk, rock, jazz; through Native American traditions to explore the way borders "define and cage what we do." Though many opposites inhabit this record, they co-exist beautifully.

Donít miss your Tribal Gathering and a chance to see the concert and meet


For more on Jackie and her four albums visit her website:


Bethlehem Musikfest 2005
Backstage at the Ice House
Bill Miller, Jackie, Billy Hall, Joshua Yudkin

Wea Indian Tribal Gathering Is For Tribal
Members Only And Specially Invited Guests.
Sorry, But The Concert Is NOT Open To The Public.

Jackie Tice has dedicated her yet to be published and new song
entitled RISE at the request of Mr. & Mrs. Ben & Kelly Welsh,
to the Wea Indian Tribe, in June of 2006.

This is a great honor for the Tribe and our friendship
with Jackie Tice and Bill Hall will continue to grow and rise!

On Behalf of the entire Wea Tribe,
Neewe Kikehsima Aanteekwa Jackie!


I saw a golden bird
Painted on the sky
A breath of heaven and earth
She sure knew how to fly
She said you can take my word
Take it on faith
As sure as the seasons turn
And the clouds bring rain

We rise from the fire
We sail through the storm
We rise from the fire
Once more

Our Grandfathers walked this way
Their Grandfathers before
Across the mountains and the plains
From shore to shore
These voices carry me
Calling from the dust
This testament and prophecy
We do what we must

We rise from the fire
We sail through the storm
We rise from the fire
Once more

Our blood, red blood
Same as yours
Whatís done is done
Of this Iím sure
We will endure
And rise

Iíve got these golden wings
This azure sky
What I need of other things
Just passes by
Our heritage and history
To the soul is burned
Ashes scatter at my feet
The spirit is returned

We rise from the fire
We sail through the storm
We rise from the fire
Once more

Song credits: their words and music
©2005 Jackie Tice and Bill Hall


Created By: Peehkonteeki
& copy;All Rights Reserved
April 3, 2006
Graphics By:



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