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Below you will find comments from people who have purchased "GreatScents" Inc. Candles and have either sent us feedback through our homepage feedback button, or emailed it to us.

For online customers thinking about ordering from us for the first time, not being able to smell our candles, or see how well they burn and not actually knowing of their high quality,
your feedback is very important!

Please ~ send us your comments on our candles and we will continue to add the most recent feedback we receive to the beginning of this page.

A big ~ THANK YOU ~ goes out to all who take the time to share your experiences and comments about our candles!
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Good evening from NJ!
My husband was the Fire Officer on duty in Edison, NJ on December 2nd. He purchased one of your candles and told me that they were better than Yankee Candles.
The line for your sales was soo long!!!

Well, they are better than Yankee Candles and I would like to order a case of 12 jars for $160.00. Please order the following... I will complete the rest of the info on paypal.

Thank you and add me to your mailing list, please. Thank you,
Mary W - NJ

Thank you so much for your response.
I just have to say again, your candles are wonderful!!
Also, doing business with you, is my pleasure.

It was unfortunate that one was broken... The one that broke was "That's Cinnamon".
Thanks again, and have a wonderful new year!!!!
Lori P - NY

I have a question, I need votive candles for my daughters wedding.
The candles I need are 16 Mistletoe, 16 Holly Berry,
and 16 Cin-A-Nella if you have these let me know.

You can bring them to the December show in Edison.
Charlie C - Fire Inspector - NJ
Hey JD & Jolene,
My Daughters wedding went off without a hitch. I still can't believe that we pulled it all off in such a short time.

Everything came together, your candles were great. I had so many people comment about how fragrant they are. My daughter gave them out as favors to her guests and had six of them burning at the head table during dinner.

We had a great time. I'm going to send you one of the favors, maybe you can use it for advertising.
Once again JD thank you very much for the candles.
Your Favorite Fire Inspector Bubba!

Hi! We purchased some of your candles @ the Sturbridge, MA craft show and just love them. We would like to order a dozen more jars. I have attached a copy of your order form with our selections. If you have any trouble reading it, email me and I will type the order in an email.

Also let me know if everything is okay with the order and I will send the payment transaction to Paypal.
There is no hurry for this order.
JD & Jolene: We received the candles yesterday.
Thanks for the great product.
We will be ordering in the future.
Don & Donna - MA

Hi JD and Jolene, I just rec'd the candle order at 10:45am...thanks so much for making the extra effort of mailing out the order so I can give them to my daughter for Christmas.

As I said in the other e-mail... I know this order will make her day... she just loves your candles and I know that she will be ordering more again very soon! I know my daughter will say that these are her favorite presents!

Once again, Merry Christmas to you both and a wonderful and healthy New Year!
PS It was a pleasure doing business with you!
Lois B - NJ

I love your candles and you will be getting more orders from me.
Thanks again and Have a great Holiday Season
Jayne B - NJ

The candles arrivered yesterday and they are wonderful!
We had looked for you in Syracuse at the country folk art show
but when you weren't there we just went ahead
an ordered them on line :-)
Debbie C - NY


I want to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your candles.
I purchased a few of them at a craft fair in Troy New York Last fall and I thought that I would give them a try and see how they burn as they smelled wonderful.

Well, you have sold me as they burn evenly and smell great.
Thank you for the wonderful product.
I have become a great fan of "GREAT SCENTS"
Marge J - NY

Hi, JD. This is Jonathan and Dana from the Stony Brook show.
We LOVE your candles.
They are so clean, aromatic, and beautiful.
And what a pleaure to meet you!
I can't remember the last time we received such personal service.

We'll be in touch to place an order soon.
Yours, Jonathan and Dana - NY

Your candles are truly the best on the market.
We burn them daily in our home.
Please don't ever stop making them!
M & R - NJ

Hello there! Keep up the good work, tried your candles at the recommendation of friends and they were right.

I managed to bring a good portion of our school staff to the last craft show in October and I am again returning this week.

Is the baby's room candle the same fragrance as baby powder? I do not remember seeing it the last time in October. Will you be bring some with you? Many thanks
Cathy - NJ

OMG tomorrow's the craft show in Troy, I've been waiting for you to come back so I could grab some more Spank me Leather candles. I bought two (as presents) only they didn't make it out of the house!! They burn better than any candles I've ever tried and they're so fragrant.

Can't wait to get more...see you there!
Ruthie - NY

YOU ROCK......

Hello! I love your candles! My sister & I met JD at the Country Folk Art Show in Edison,NJ back in October. He's right, these candles are a much better value than Yankee Candles. These candles are so great that I want to give them as gifts.

If possible, I'd like to place the order now but pick up the candles at the December 2nd Country Folk Art Show in Edison,NJ. If this is not possible, just let me know. Here is the order...

Thanks! Can you also put me on your mailing list please?
Robin S - NJ

Jd & Jolene: Your candles are great, I don't order Yankee Candles anymore. I get yours.

I wish that you had some way that we could smell them because I have everyone at work wondering what they smell like.
Debby - NY

Thank you so much for getting back to me.
I love your candles and you will be getting more orders from me.
Thanks again and Have a great Holiday Season
Jayne - NJ

Hi! I just left a message on your telephone expressing a desire to order some candles. I tried doing it online but had a problem. Please call me at your convenience.

I only bought one candle at your show in Edison, New Jersey at Raritan Center and it's unfortunately gone. The candle was great.

As a matter of fact it was better than Yankee candles which I buy all of the time and I find them to be very expensive.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Patricia M - NJ

We really missed you in Syracuse! I even brought you one of my candles so that you could use it to show how evenly it burns!

Hope all is well and that your damage from the hurricane wasn't catastrophic.
Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays.
Janet B - NY

Great Candles!
I have purchased your candles at the craft show by Basketville in Venice. I absolutely love them.
As a matter of fact, I need to order more.
FL - no name given

Good Morning, Thanks for the email. I was planning on ordering some candles last week, but due to Hurricane Wilma we have not had power for 6 days. So when the power came on yesterday and I received your email I was pleased as it was a reminder for me to place my order. Hope Wilma did not damage you this year.
You had "enough" last year.

Please place my order for the following... I decided to order a case because I use them all the time and your candles are "THE BEST!"

I wish you continued good health and luck with your company.
As I said earlier (and often) you can't beat your candles.
I just love them!
Thanks so much for being there.
Judy - FL

Just wanted to let you know, i purchased some of your votives at Edison the other day. Well, you told me to buy as many as i wanted for $l.00 didn't even count them, trusted me, which i would never lie, anyways... I can't believe how they burn so straight, smell so wonderful, extremely pleased... My sister bought the bigger one, and her and i just spoke, and she was so satisfied as i was.

Yankee Candle, can't hold a "Candle" to yours lol.

Just wanted to let you know.. Thank you! I will be ordering some on line as well.. When is your next show?
Lori - NJ

Purchased your candles at the Edison show
and I am sooo hooked!!!!

I’ve already cleared the Yankee Candles out of the house.

Please add me to your mailing list.
Jenn - NJ

Hello, I purchased candles this weekend at the Edison Craft Show. One candle was the Aroma Mint. I was hesitant to purchase...afraid it would be overpowering and you assured me I could bring it back if I wasn't happy with it.

Well.... I LOVE IT!!
It's as soothing as you described & I can't stop burning it!

You have a great product, I'll never buy candles anywhere else again. Just wish I stocked up on more at the show!
Jen - NJ

I love your candles - missed you in Sept at Troy, NY (HVCC) - helping a friend move. Looking forward to seeing you in November!! Saved the date. Can't wait to smell the Patchouli!! Hope you have it with you!!!
Jan - NY

Hi, I would like to order your 12 jar case with no freight/postage charges. I would like my order to include 1 each of the following...

I do want to tell you how much I enjoy your candles - they are the best and are as fragrant when they are almost used up as they were when first opened. I don't know how you do that, but I hope you have it patented.

Your fragrances are great, and when I give them as gifts, they always ask where I get them and I tell them.
I think they are wonderful!!
Nancy M - CO

Well, you have sold me as they burn evenly and smell great.

Thank you for the wonderful product.
I have become a great fan of "GREAT SCENTS".
Marge J - NY

Thank you for making such wonderful candles!
I have been a fan of your candles for over 4 years now! I just recieved my dozen I ordered today and they smell wonderful!

I was worried about them melting in the heat but they were packaged so well that they arrived in perfect condition!

I will be driving 4 hours to your show in NJ to do all my christmas shopping! Keep up the good work and maybe you could add sweet pea as one of your new scents! Thanks,
Nancy - VA

We purchased your candles for the first time at the Folk Art Fair in Troy, NY. We love them!!!

My husband is a union man and was sold on the "made in AMERICA", I, was sold on the great, LONG LASTING scents.

We'll see you in September at the next show!!
Locklady - NY

Hi,I bought your candles at the Edison show last year and we love them. I literally put them in my basement and we can smell them on the second floor.

They also burn perfectly down to the bottom. Can't say that about any other candle I have purchased. I am a believer.

I will be buying a whole bunch for Christmas this year.
Thanks for making such a great product.
Melody G - NJ

Your guys candles are "GREAT"!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work...

We met in April at the Edison Craft Fair. I bought a few of your candles and you wanted to know how I liked the Aromamint. Well, it is gone. As are the two other candles that I bought from you. They were fantastic!

I bought a Bloomin' Lilac and a Apple one also and I never had to have two burning at the same time as I did with the Yankee candles. One was enough to fill the entire large living room AND dining room. The Aromamint was/is my favorite. It has such a relaxing scent. It also covered the musty beagle smell that I fret about when friends come over.

I thought I would be able to hold over until you came back in July but I guess I will have to order a few more over the net until you get back this way.
Thank you so much and see you in July.
Tracy L - NJ

Hey JD, We met 5/15/05 @ Rhinebeck. I purchased 7 candles from you, as soon as we got home, we lit the "cool water ice". Wow, what a fragrance; it didn't take long for the aroma to fill the room.

Just as you said, the candles burn evenly, the above one was burning for about 4 hours. Thanks for putting a superior product on the market and thank you also for using only
A future repeat customer,
Kelli T - NY

My mom can't live without your carrot cake candles, so when we decided to throw her a surprise birthday party, the carrot cake votive was the obvious choice for our party favor.

I will need 50 votives by April 15. I know it's a winter fragrance, so I wanted to make sure that you could do this for me and ask for a price. I'm anxiously awaiting your reply!
Kristina L - NY


My daughter and I regularly buy your candles, both in person and by internet. Recently, my daughter ordered votives for favors for my surprise birthday party.

They were a huge hit; people couldn't get over how delicious they smelled! One elderly guest asked if his candle was CANDY,since it smelled so good!

I thought it was particularly thoughtful of my daughter to get carrot cake candles, since that is my favorite scent of your candles. Thanks so much!
Jane M - NY

One of my coworkers was selling your candles as part of a fundraiser for the sheltie club she's with. Diane had raved about your candles after seeing you at a craft show so I had to give them a try (knowing Diane is not easily impressed helped too)

These are by far the best candles I've ever tried, the whole house smells great even when the candles are just left open and not burning! I'll never waste money on anything less from now on! Thanks for making such a great product!
Yours truly
Heidi S - NJ

Hi there - this is Carmen & Anthony we were unable to go to
new jersey this time so i'm going to order a 12 pack.
you will soon recieve my order form and check

we love your candles they are the best, I will never try anything else. I gave some as gifts and everyone loves them too.

Please send me extra order forms so i can give my friends
hope to see you in July
Carmen & Anthony - NY

just to let you know, whilst visiting the florida mall last june whilst on holiday from the uk myself and my sister-in-law bought some of your candles, wow they are still burning strong and smell fantastic, particularly the linen one!! so i've had to order some more for pressies for all my mates as they love their smell.

unfortunately my sister in laws got smashed on the way back to england, but she begged me for one of mine so now i'm having to replenish my stock. is there a cheaper way of getting them shipped over. don't suppose you have english suppliers?
michael p - UK

One of the main reasons I used to go to the craftshows was to look you guys up for your candles!!! They are the best candles that I have ever had, they burn beautiful and have the best scents.
I already have all my friends convinced as well.

Love the new fragrances like Patchouli and the Lilac is awesome. Your customer service is the best as well. Love you guys.
Marianne C - FL

I had the opportunity to meet you this past February.
When I got home I fell in love with Night Jasmine.

Is it possible for you to recommend some other strong scents so that I may purchase a large quantity of various scents?

I have candles in all rooms, however my Jasmine lights up
at least 2 rooms - alone, when burning.
LeJuane R - MD

I love all the candles I buy, which is about 3 every craft show. They burn beautifully and the scent lasts until the very end. Sometimes when I just want to clear the air, I just open the jar and the room fills with a great aroma.

Can't say enough about these candles. And you know it to be true because as soon as I come to the booth, we have a great conversation about your candles as if we were old friends.

Keep up the good work. (And don't forget to try a rose scented candle). See you in April, July, October, December and January
Joan H – NJ

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I have spread the brochures you gave me at the Sturbridge show around. I have been raving about your candles since last years show where I purchased a few. I came home from the show and tried them and immediately ordered another eight.

I live near Yankee Candle but yours are so much better! Thanks for the great scents! I will be ordering again in the next few weeks. (I'm the one who wants the Oh Baby in green.)
Please send me new brochures. Take care and good luck.
Terry H - MA


I love your candles and appreciate the great customer service and satisfaction . I think everyone that I have given a gift of your candles too have asked me where and how to get some more.

The case of candles you made for me in my special green color was great. I'm due to order some more real soon. The scents were especially appreciated over this cold winter. They just seem to make you feel better. Outstanding quality. Thanks so much
Terry H - MA

Hi There, Thanks for the email. I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. I suppose that you are getting ready for all the craft shows to begin. I would think that the traveling around the country would be fun. Hopefully you have a very successful season.

I would like to take advantage of the candles that you are going to be discontinuing for now. Thanks again. I look forward to hearing about the spring and summer fragnaces.

I so enjoy your candles. They are the BEST!!!
Judy M – FL


I just love the candles that i purchased from you and pray you are fine. Best wishes on success on your future shows.

Judy M – FL

You asked if I like your candles? No sir...I LOVE THEM...

As you know, I wait for the Sturbridge Craft Fairs and buy 5 or 6 at a time. Best candles I have ever burned. Beats the competition hands down. See you in Sturbridge.
Carol D – MA

Hey you two!! Hope your trip home was safe, and not too long! I just wanted to tell you I LOVE your site! And your candles. We are enjoying the Leather one for right now. It is great.

So you will be getting orders from me just as soon as I can figure out what "flavor" I want to try next.

Remember next time you are down this way give me a call and we will get together! Happy trails on your next shows, travel safe!
Debbie - FL


Thank you very much for responding to my request so quickly,
I received my order today in good condition.
Thank you also for including the votives.

I would recommend your company to anyone and
I will be placing an order shortly. thank you
Pauline D – FL

Hello- I just placed an order for 3 of your candles after reading about them on HSN's Message Board. I am addicted to candles, so am so anxious to receive these.
Thanks so much,
Kathi L – CO


Hello- I just wanted to let you know that my candles arrived today and, I love them!! I'm burning the Aroma Mint right now and the smell is great. I'm sending the Night Jasmine to a friend and I'm sure she'll be thrilled.

I will be back for more as I'm always searching for candles that have a strong scent - and, these seem to be exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks so much for the great service
and even greater candles.
Kathi L - CO

Hi! I purchased two of your candles at one of your shows. They are everything you said they were and more. We love them.

I do want to place an order and have some shipped to me but before I do that, you said you were working on Lilac. Is it done yet? I know I want at least two Gardenia and maybe some others, but my favorite is Lilac and as you know they just don't bloom in Florida. Waiting to hear from you. Blessings and Joy to You
Linda B - FL

Hi, it's me, Susan. We spoke at the NY State Fairgrounds. I'm the one who brought you 3 orders, you graciously let my son make a candle and promised that you would let me "test smell" your new Lilac candle once you produce it. I just wanted to make sure you remembered me and to tell you how much my friends and I enjoy your candles.

My friend Debbie came in on Sunday of the show and you were already out of a lot of candles. That was nice of you to offer to send them to her with no shipping charge. This excellent service that is another reason why my friends and I are so loyal to you.

I truly look forward to lighting my candles every day when I get home from work. I enjoyed meeting Jolene and just want both of you to know how highly I think of you and your product.

PLEASE get back to Syracuse real soon.
Don't let our weather scare you!
Susan D – NY


John & Jolene: I got the Lilac candle; it is awesome!
You definately nailed it on the head. I brought it in to work and had the rest of the "candle connoisseurs" smell it and we all agree it is fantastic. I can't wait to burn it.

Thanks so much for sending me the candle,
Susan D - NY

Candles arrived this week and I'm enjoying the wonderful scent right now. You will definitely receive more orders. Thanks,
Sandy - CO

hi, bought a couple of your candles at the daytona beach craft show. i am a candle fanatic. love the leather one,
thought it would be weird, but i love it.

i would only buy yankee candles but yours are just as good. so you said you were coming out with lilac, need that one.

told everyone about the leather one and they also thought weird, but i told them once you smell it is awesome. i have leather furniture and i love real leather jackets and purses. thanks.
please let me know when your lilac comes out. thanks,
barb - FL

You have the best candles; keep up the good work!!
Thanks again! Sincerely,
Laura D - NY

You know just how great your candles really are and now so do we. We have tried many different candles and none even come close to yours. Every candle company has told us they have the best and we just found out that you are the only one that is right about everything you said about your candles.

I found out first hand and will get our candles from only one place now, "GreatScents" Inc. You have found the magic in what makes the best candle and the best burning candle, not to mention the scent that stays to the end.

Thank you for showing us what a candle should be.
Ernie H - FL

Thank you for the e-mail message about my order.
I love your candles and plan on buying more!
June S - CO

I met you at the Country Folk Art Festival in Tampa a few months back. It was our first experience with Great Scents candles and we bought a case of the 22oz jars.

We just love your candles! Thank you,
Frank F– FL

Hey! My Wife and I meet you guys and bought a candle at the Tampa Fair Grounds. Great candle!!

I was wondering how much shipping would be per candle...
Is it cool to print a few copies of your order sheet and pass them out to my co-workers? Just thought it would be easier if we knew the cost of shipping.

Maybe we’ll catch you at the Daytona show
or once again at the fairgrounds.
Good luck, great candles!!
Wayne & Shawnee B – FL

Hi JD and Jolene
just had to let you know your company is mentioned on the QVC forum stating you have great candles, hope this brings a flood of new business for you! see you at the end of the month in Edison

hope you are brewing up lots of my vanilla candles and of course the mint ones for my daughter - hope you remember us - i come w/my cousin and my daughter.

pray for NO SNOW for the craft show! we only come for you and a crafter named nancy. God Bless you in the new year
joanie m - NJ

My husband and I bought two (Spiced Tea & Mistletoe) of your candles when you were at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY the past November. We love them!!

You were right, they do smell so much better than Yankee or any other candles I have tried. They burn evenly and with very little carbon. I've gotten compliments from friends who want to know who makes these candles and where to get them.
So I'm passing on your website.

Please let me know when you will be back in our area, because we will definitely purchase more. Thank you
Kathy C - NY

Missed the show in Troy, N.Y. hope to see you in Sturbridge in November, I just started my last one of your candle jars,
they are the best!! Sincerely,
Jeannette V – NY

We just wanted to tell you how awesome we think your candles are! They truly are the best we have had.

We were at the show in Oct 2004 and we will definitely be ordering more candles from you in the future, and have already recommended your candles to friends.

Good luck with your business.
Helene, Cary & Christene - FL

Hi there, My name is Susan and my friend and I bought your candles at the Craft Show at the Expo Center in Colorado Springs.

Your candles are great and I am ordering 7 or 8 more
on your website right now! Thanks!
Susan Reiss - CO

We really love your candles we picked up at the craft show in CT.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Again thank you,
Joni - CT

Just wanted to let you know I got the candles today.
Already lit one up, love the scent!

I'll see you next time you're in Syracuse.
Take care and thank you.
Carleen - NY

Please tell me your shipping costs. I am interested in buying offline buy sending a check or money order. Thanks!

Your candles are the best!!!!
"YANKEE'S" got nothing on you guys!
Good job!
Melissa T – NY

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