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Quantity Candle Name ~ Scent Candle Color Subtotal
       Apple Pie Red     
       Aroma Mint Light Green     
       Babies Room Pink     
       Banana Nut Bread Beige     
       Carrot Cake Orange     
       Christmas Tree Dark Green     
       Cin-A-Nella White     
       Country Cabin Khaki     
       Holly Berry Bright Red     
       Intense Chocolate Dark Brown     
       Lavender Valley Purple     
       Linen Sheets White     
       Marvelous Maple Dark Brown     
       Mulberry Burgandy     
       My Peach Cobbler Orange     
       Night Jasmine Dark Blue     
       Oh Baby Ash Grey     
       Patchouli Past Deep Brown     
       Pep-O-Mint White     
       Pumpkin Spice Orange     
       Sea Breeze Teal Green     
       Snicker Doodle Dark Brown     
       "Spank Me" Leather Jet Black     
       Spiced Tea Orange     
       Sweet Gardenia Off White     
       That's Vanilla Tan     
       Wild Cherry Dark Red     
       Wow! That's Cinnamon Red     
Sub-Total: Number of Jars___________  Votives___________ Subtotal:     
Shipping: Please Email for Shipping Amount Shipping:     
Order Total Total cost of all candles ordered with shipping Order Total:     
*** Minimum Order of Three Jars or Votive sets***    Email us for your total with shipping.
Prices are 3 - 22 ounce jar candles for $50.00 then add $16.67 for each additional jar.    Votives are 6 for $9.00