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Snicker Doodle

Snicker Doodle

This great combination of fragrances will have you craving the delicious cookies we named it after!

The scent comes very close to grandmas snicker doodle recipe, known and loved by so many!

We cannot guarantee that you will not gain a few pounds after burning this candle!

Snicker Doodle Jar Candle
$16.67 each
with a minimum purchase of any three jars

Snicker Doodle 15 Hour Votives

Snicker Doodle 15 Hour Votive Candles
6 votives for $9.00

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~ Please Note ~
There is a minimum order of 3 jar candles, OR 3 packs of 6 votives.
Shipping is calculated per 3 items - ordering less, will result in your order being Canceled and Refunded! We have no control over shipping costs, these jars are well over a lb each!

If you wish to order fewer, please email us!

We take Pride in our products and believe in Customer Satisfaction. We personally hand make each and every candle, to ensure they are the highest quality available.

"GreatScents" Inc. is a company that combines true craftsmanship, with conscience. We are committed to honest ideals and to the people who enjoy our products. We believe these commitments make a great candle even better and after all...
"Great" Candles are what we are all about!

We Want Your Business!

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Please be safe when burning candles!
GreatScents Inc. can not be held responsible for any accidents due to negligence, while burning these candles.
Please refer to the "Caution" label located on the bottom of each jar, for proper safety and burning tips.


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