A site for victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse.  We help people with emotional abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, rape, spouse abuse, child abuse, spiritual abuse, ritual abuse, battery, stalking, harassment, family, violence, neglect, depression, co-dependency, self-esteem, trauma and post traumatic stress disorder.  We also will help with aadivice and resources for safety plan, intervention, separation, divorce, restraining order, protection order, child custody, child support, visitation, victims services & more!

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Welcome to Survivor's Empowerment Zone!

Survivor's Empowerment Zone was started on October 4,2001. This site is privately owned and is operated by a group who are all survivor's of domestic violence. Many of us have worked or volunteered in related areas. Put our life experiences along with our caring and willingness to listen, and you have some very understanding and compassionate people!

Our vision is to have an informative and empowering site, where everyone can be comfortable. A place to develop understanding and supportive friendships, with other people who know the roller-coaster of emotions abuse can cause. Our desire to support victims of abuse comes directly from our hearts, with no strings attached. We are determined to provide another resource to those who come here looking for it.

Domestic violence is at epidemic proportions all over. Both men and women can be victim's of this horrible crime, just as either could be the perpetrator. Any children in the home will suffer the effects of domestic violence, even if the abuse is not directed at them, or if you think they don't know that the abuse occuring. Violence effects everyone in the home.

Domestic violence is not the only type of abuse that is at problem levels. Abuser's come in many forms, not only a spouse or boyfriend, some have found this out first hand. Some victim's may become abuser's themselves and they will have the worst case of denial as any. Maybe they learned their abuser's tactics too well, or their lack of Power and Control while being abused made them crave it themselves. Violence is learned behavior and abuse is a vicious circle, that is why breaking the cycle of violence is so important.

Domestic violence and other forms of this abuse, are about Power and Control. Not just wanting it... needing it to feel self-worth. No matter what persona an abuser may show the world, they have very low self-esteem. This seems to be a fact that confuses many people. Abuser's will put on such performances, making everyone think they are these wonderful people, that lead normal lives. It's almost like a split personality, a Dr. Jeckel - Mr Hyde. Only their victim's know the terrifying, abusive side of them. Their Power and Control over their victim's actually makes them feel a false sense of self-worth.

Many victim's do not realize they are being abused. They think only physical violence is abuse and this is so far from the truth. Verbal and emotional abuse can be every bit as traumatic as beatings. Bruises and even broken bones will heal in a certain amount of time, the injuries to your spirit and heart will most often take alot longer to heal. Healing of your emotional well-being has no set time for recovery, every person's healing process for this is different. Some could be weeks, while others may take years.

The one thing that seems to effect the healing process more than anything, is our own individual feelings. If you have a positive outlook on things and keep pushing the negative out of your mind, it can make a huge difference. If you feel good about yourself, knowing you are not perfect and that no one is meant to be... Knowing you are not at fault, that the ONLY persons behavior you can control is your own. In other words, if you think like a Survivor rather than a victim, you will be a Survivor!

It is not always easy, it can be extremely difficult at times. But, compared to living in an abusive relationship, Freedom is a whole lot better. Walking on eggshells, waiting for the next episode of violence, trying to figure out what to do to fix everything ~ when the problems are not yours to fix, to begin with. These feelings along with so many others, make life without abuse much easier to deal with. Your life and what you make of it, becomes your choice, no one elses.

Survivor's Empowerment Zone is for both victim's and survivor's, to gain knowledge of domestic violence, it's many effects and learn how to overcome them and heal.



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  • No one under ANY circumstance deserves to be abused

  • Everyone has the right to be safe, happy, respected and treated equally

  • Domestic Violence is at epidemic levels all across the world

  • The choice to abuse is strictly the abusers, it is not the victims fault

  • Blaming the victim is misplacing cause, a form of emotional abuse

  • Victims who believe they caused the abuse, feel they can stop the abuse

  • It can lower your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth

  • It can confuse your thinking about what is really happening in the relationship

  • Encourages false hopes that the abuser will change, if you just do things differently

  • Changing yourself or trying harder, will not stop an abuser from abusing

  • Not stress, work, bills, kids, drugs, alcohol or the victim cause abuse, abusers choose to abuse

  • Making excuses or covering abuse up can make abuse escalate

  • Abusers don't feel their behavior has consequences, so why change

  • ALL types of abuse are criminal acts, punishable by Laws

  • Children in abusive homes are adversely effected even if they are not abused

  • Everyone in the home is effected by stress, fear and uncertainty for all potential victims

  • Domestic Violence is a learned behavior, children may grow up feeling abuse is normal

  • The Greatest gift a parent can give their child is living in an abuse free environment

  • We are all ONLY responsible for our own actions

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