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Lawrence Co., IN


Guthrie Township Biographies
(Name   -   Date of birth   -   Place of birth)
BRIGHT, Harry 15 Jan 1809 Lincoln Co., Kentucky
CRAWFORD, Leonard 1 Feb 1832 Lawrence Co., Indiana
DODD, Cranston T. 23 Mar 1817 Fayette Co., Kentucky
GUTHRIE, Hon. Alfred 25 Jun 1828 Lawrence Co., Indiana
GUTHRIE, John D. 11 Dec 1831 Lawrence Co., Indiana
GUTHRIE, U. D. 9 Nov 1836 Lawrence Co., Indiana
GUTHRIE, Marshall 9 Jul 1840 Lawrence Co., Indiana
HARRIS, John 29 Jan 1824 Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
HOOPINGARNER, Simpson 19 Aug 1833 Lawrence Co., Indiana
JONES, J. Scott 6 Aug 1848 Butler Co., Pennsylvania

All of the above biographies were trascribed from; "History of Lawrence, Orange and Washington Co.'s, Indiana Goodspeed Bros. and Co., 1884"

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