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The Lag Family

Our History
We did not all grow up together. We are an unusual family that has been reunited over recent months. Only just discovering our family links, Abbie, CoG and Dan were sent to England and didn't know their parents until recently. But all have a strong bond now and love each other very much.

Fairy Lag Tale

Once upon a time in the Land of Lag there lived a very Gooddog, called Emma. But she had no one to scratch her belly and she was sad....

Then one day an incredibly handsome artist was walking through Lag Land and saw her...

being a kind and gentle soul he bent down to scratch her belly and when he did....

She turned into a beautiful princess! Instantly they fell madly in Love.

They married and had a fabulously attractive family. Their Love grew and grew and then The Lag Family, The Lovely Extended Lag Family, and the Wonderful Lag Family of Friends ALL Lived Happily Ever After! All thanks to a Very Gooddog. The End

...story and pic by Raylag

Our Family Activities
Mom and Pop take the Lag kids on lots of trips and vacations. We have travelled the world and hope to paste pictures of our adventures on this web site. Dan and CoG are not in this picture as they were naughty that day and had to stay in their room at the hotel being looked after by our swedish au pair....pic by Abbie

The Park
We go to the park for walks and play games most Sundays and if it's warm, we have a picnic by the lake.
The kids like to feed the ducks except the boys keep eating the bread and the girls scream
and yell at them and then we have to go home.
In this picture, the boys had fallen in the lake and looked such a mess Mom wouldn't let them be in the picture.
They had tried to pinch Abbie's carrot, but Abbie didn't push them in, she wouldn't do that. ;)
...pic by Momma aka emmagooddog

South Park Lags
This was a good day out. We went to Hollywood and got to dress up as the South Park characters and had this picture taken with other real characters. Spirit didn't like being baby 'Ike' because she knew in the programme, the baby gets kicked and was once sent to Nebraska! But we didn't kick her, although the Devil nearly stepped on her!...pic by Abbie

Spirit's First Birthday

This was a fun day. Mom and Pop let the kids have real alcohol to celebrate Spirit reaching one year! But CoG, being such a good boy (most of the time) wanted lemonade. The kids were all clean and happy in the picture, but later, after eating the whole cake and all the carrots and the cookies and drinking wine and beer, they were sick! Now Mom and Pop have stopped the kids' drinking!!!!!!...pic by Abbie aka AbFabFan

Lag Family Barbecues
Yes, we Lags like a good barbecue, so when we don't picnic in the park you can be sure we are having a barbecue. In this picture, you may notice Tracy has joined us. In fact, there may well be a few new faces in the following pictures. The Lags are nothing if not sociable and Mom likes nothing better than adopting kids and feeding them well!! Pop is the best when it comes to cooking outdoors, mind you...that is except for carrots, they are always raw, but I suppose raw vegetables are good for you! The boys are getting their jumping in before dinner as is Ray and her gymnastics, cos Mom will soon stop them after they have eaten...she doesn't want a repeat of the birthday party!!!...pic by Momma

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