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Mike Walter's Earth Page Attic
More environmental stuff that the Old Muskrat
didn't have room for on the main Earth Page.

Indiana DNR photos. Public domain.

"Goode Friende for Jesus' sake forbeare
to cut the wode that standeth heare.
Blest be the man who spares these leaves
But curst be he that cuts this tree."

"The Russian forests are groaning under the ax, millions of trees are being destroyed, the dwellings of wild beasts and birds are despoiled, rivers are subsiding, drying up, wonderful landscapes vanish never to return.... Man is endowed with reason and creative powers so that he may increase what has been given to him, but up to now he has not created but only destroyed."
--Anton Chekhov, Uncle Vanya, 1897.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
--The Old Muskrat, 1998.

muskrat picture, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

This is just one of my Earth Pages. For more annotated links to useful environmental sites on the web, please visit Mike Walter's Earth Page,
Mike Walter's Wetlands Page, and Mike Walter's Indiana Earth Page.

Formerly hosted on a different server, the Earth Page Attic began an extensive revision and update on January 27, 2003.

The last update was May 22, 2007.

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Save Indiana's Endangered Wildlife

Look for the eagle on your Indiana tax form!

Buy an Environmental License Plate and save habitat for wildlife!

Plant Trees. Save Wetlands.
American Bird Conservancy ... Organizing coalitions to save America's wild birds and their habitats.
American Lands Alliance ... Defending America's public lands.
American Tortoise Rescue ... Susan Tellem & Marshall Thompson show what two dedicated people can do in a good cause. ATR rescues, rehabilitates and adopts out all kinds of turtles and tortoises at its L.A.-based center. It also fights for humane laws to protect these critters. Mostly text.
Au Sable Institute ... A multi-campus institute of environmental studies dedicated to Christian stewardship of the earth.
Clean Air Trust ... Browse a gallery of "clean air villains."
Corporate Watch ... Fighting corporate greenwash, CorpWatch presents a striking image gallery and quarterly "Greenwash Awards" for corporate doublespeak about the environment.
Earth Island Institute ... One of the last organizations created by the legendary David Brower, EII works for environmental justice through education and aggressive journalism.
Earth-Sea ... An undervisited site, Earth-Sea aspires to be the home to "all things environmental." Hoosiers should visit the site to keep tabs on the running battle to establish the Grand Kankakee Marsh Nat'l Wildlife Refuge.
Earthsystems Environmental Virtual Library ... From the terrific people who were the first to link to the Old Muskrat's online Model Wetlands Ordinance, here's a whole encyclopedia of eco-links.
Ecological Footprint Calculator ... Take this quick test to see how YOU impact the environment.
EcoNet ... Here's a reality check. We all like the warm fuzzies we get from saving birds and turtles. But saving the Earth means confronting power. The corporations that are grinding up the planet are also grinding up people. EcoNet hitches social justice and a healthy environment to the same wagon.
EELink Endangered Species Page ... "Endangered" means there's still time! There are species that we can still save...if we want to!.
Endangered Species Home Page ... More resources on endangered species.
EnviroNet ... K-12 resource maintained by Simmons College in Massachusetts. Environmental monitoring projects worth emulating.
Environment on the Internet ... Jon Will's inventory of major environmental directories.
Environmental Education on the Internet ... K-12 environmental education resources from the Univ. of Michigan and the EPA.
Environmental Home Page Association ... A group of netizens with ideas like the Old Muskrat's: a green Earth needs a green Internet!
Environmentalists Against War ... War continues to kill long after the last shot is fired. Find out why we must abolish war before war abolishes us!
Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness ... Dedicated to protecting and enlarging the Superior National Forest and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
Greenpeace USA ... You can't sink a rainbow!
Green Schools Manual ... Make your campus environmentally-friendly!
Green Solitaire ... Frank J. Regan's remarkable site dedicated to promoting environmentalism on the internet.
Jim Norton's Anti-Environmental Myths Page ... Need help debunking brownlash myths and greenwash disinformation? Click to Jim's page.
Michael Markes's Little Niche ... An informative Michigan-oriented conservation site skillfully composed by a Michigan State Univ. student.
Ocean Conservancy ...
Pacific Rainforest Wildlife Guardians ...Philosophy and action!
1000 Friends of Frogs ... Now that the frogs are disappearing, is something sinister creeping up on US? Hamline Univ. presents K-12 resources for teachers who want to help their students find out.
Pace Virtual Environmental Law Library ...
Planet Patriot Home Page ... Attorney Harold Wood unites space exploration and the environment in an appeal for planetary loyalty.
Pollution Online ... A site for industry professionals. Find out what they're saying to each other!
Raptor Resource Project ... A Minnesota-based site dedicated to restoring the Midwest's population of peregrine falcons and other raptors.
SeaWeb ... Raising awareness of the living ocean.
Turtle Trax ... A Hawaii-based site devoted to protecting green sea turtles and explaining the ghastly disease that threatens them.
USGS Pesticides Nat'l Synthesis Project ... Part of the US Geological Survey's Nat'l Water Quality Assessment, PNSF is a nationwide survey of pesticides in our streams and groundwater. Pesticides use maps by compound & other info.
World Resources Institute ... Environmental research aimed at incentive-based solutions. Business-oriented, but not greenwash.

Be Kind to Old Muskrats!
A Model Wetlands Ordinance for Indiana Communities ... The Old Muskrat's own work. Local protection for Indiana's Wetlands.
Mike Walter's Wetlands Page ... The Old Muskrat's first love. Lots of wetlands links with a special focus on Indiana.
Mike Walter's Indiana Earth Page ... There's more than corn in Indiana!
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