Birnie is the star of a television show that caters to children and other creatures with unformed minds. He is also a former neighbor to the Wazzos.


Sassy and beautiful, Lula may be the most attractive girl at Waffleville High School. She's also the object of Vinnie's affection whether she wants it or not.


When people need money quick, they turn to the man called Bunny. He may not have a generous heart, but he has plenty of money to give. Bunny is Arlo's favorite loan shark.

Bunny is played by W.C. McIntosh


Duner Lee shares a passionate relationship with Vinnie Tuscany. Duner hates Vinnie and Vinnie hates Duner. Besides mutual hatred, the two rivals share an obsession for Lula Boomershine.


Joyce Fowler is the Rummage Sale Lady's minion. Her duties include sweeping, dusting, cleaning the gutters, and providing alibis for the Rummage Sale Lady's whereabouts.

Joyce is a shy and meek woman who longs to be an opera star.

Joyce Fowler is played by Shushan Richardson


 Flaven is a frequent customer at Corndog Haven who likes to complain about everything. His food is always too cold and his coffee always tastes like Styrofoam. A chain smoker, Mr.Flaven is a walking nicotine stain.



Two of Arlo's least favorite people. The Moochers don't like to work, but they love to mooch! The Moochers attend parties and other social functions uninvited in order to get free food. They also have a successful show on public access.

The Moochers are played by Carol Richardson and Chuck Williams


Tulsa is the last of the Pony Express riders and an all-around decent cowboy.

Tulsa delivers the Funky Idiots' Mailbag and often finds time to sit and chat with Arlo. Well-mannered and polite to a fault, Tulsa Pike is a friend to all.

Tulsa Pike is played by Brad Quinton

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