Arlo Wazzo is a dreamer and an optimist. In today's cynical and ironic world, that's a lethal combination!

Arlo wants to be a famous television personality. While some scoff at this, Arlo pursues his dream with determination. He's the host of his own talk show on public access, Yakking with Arlo.

When he's not appearing on Waffleville's Channel 74, Arlo works at Corndog Haven, a third-rate fast food joint. In his spare time, Arlo raises his niece, Amanda.

Arlo Wazzo is played by Tom Cherry

Arlo is a loving guardian to Amanda, but his parenting skills are a bit unorthodox. (For example, Amanda and Arlo live in a garage.) In many ways, Arlo is just a big kid and Amanda is often forced to be the responsible adult.

Arlo is a big fan of television. He's currently working on a musical based on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


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