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June 29, 2002
Today I opened a bag of deep-fried pigs' ears and gave two of them to a couple of dogs to eat. After 33 years of living, that was the first time I ever did that.
I have never given a thought to pigs' ears, deep-fried or not, so it was a slight surprise to find out you could actually buy a bag of them and give them to dogs to crunch on. I guess that's a sign I'm not as worldly as I thought. 

 I'm petsitting/ housesitting for some friends for the next two weeks so my updates to this here site might be sporadic. But, then again, that is usually the case. Please bear with me. (You could also bare with me, but why be gluttons for punishment?)

June 28, 2002
My poor mom had a rough evening today! While returning home from the store, Mom's car got rammed from behind as she was waiting to turn onto her road. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the back of her car got smashed in. The offending driver practically totaled it.

After exchanging insurance information and dealing with the police, Mom drove home. As she tried to get back into her routine, Mom received an unexpected visitor a couple hours later. Some guy knocked on the door and asked Mom to call 911 for him. He was disoriented and apparently overdosed on some drugs. The guy was a complete stranger so Mom told him he could use the phone if he stayed on the porch. He agreed and Mom warily handed him the phone. He then called 911.

A few minutes later, the driveway was flooded with flashing lights. An ambulance showed up, the fire department showed up and so did some police from the city and the county. According to a cop Mom talked to, the unexpected visitor was a familiar face, one of their regulars. Soon the visitor was placed in the ambulance and everybody drove away. 

Mom is okay and doing fine, but she's really glad the excitement is over!

June 20, 2002

To be honest with you, I really don't have much to write about. I just wanted to show off one of the vidcaps from the upcoming "Clown Day Afternoon" episode. That's me on the left and Bill McIntosh on the right. I really like that goofy expression on my face. I'm so beautiful as a goofball!

A special thanks to Tim (once again!) for sending me a bunch of vidcaps to play around with. The goal is to use them throughout the site so keep an eye out for them!

Elsewhere, things are slow at work and I'm only working six hours a day. I don't mind it, but my next paycheck is going to look pretty slim.

June 18, 2002
My vacation officially ended today at 4:32 pm. Here's a few things that happened during my time off:

* I went to a couple of my niece's t-ball games. Keke is a good little athlete. She hit a couple of homeruns and made her coach proud (Which she does quite often since her coach is her mom. Hi, Carrie!).

* I renewed my driver's license. I was a little worried about taking the vision test since I haven't seen an eye doctor in ages. My ancient contact lenses did their job however and I passed! I was rewarded with a piece of plastic with a mug shot of a bloated fat man (Who is that guy?). I was thrilled.

* I was filmed getting covered with fake bird poop. (Here's my recipe: Add flour to water. Pour over head.)

* I lost my right contact lens in my eye. It wedged itself in the upper corner. Basically, it was deep inside my eye socket and it took hours before I finally got it out. 

* While flipping channels, I noticed there was a new guy hosting Blue's Clues. He seemed nice and all, but what happened to Steve?

* I celebrated my 33rd birthday on June 14. I'm still playing in 30's back yard so I'm not grieving for my lost youth just yet, but give me a few days! Thanks to my family and friends for the cards and the gifts!

* I didn't update this site as much as I wanted which seriously blows. Dang.

With the above in mind, I close with the following quote:

"No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist"
~ Salavador Dali

June 12, 2002
Yow! It's been ten days since I updated the old website. How did I let that happen?

While I have been slacking around these parts, things are progressing nicely on the show. Tim finished putting together our newest episode, "Clown Day Afternoon", last week and he did a stellar job! Everything looks and sounds great. Hopefully, that episode will begin airing in late July.

On Sunday, Tim, Bill, and I filmed some stuff for the upcoming "Single White Vinnie" episode and for an episode of Yakking with Arlo. As always, filming was fun. We did a scene outside Bob's Comic Castle where we witnessed a woman having trouble parking her car in an empty parking lot (Unfortunately, we didn't get that on film). Bob's owner, Trent Reeder, allowed us to film on his doorstep and even participated in the shoot. Thanks, Trent! Hope we didn't scare off any of your customers!

In some medical news, Tim had some surgery done Monday. He's currently recuperating at home. Get well soon, Tim!

And, as for me, I'm on vacation this week and it seems like the days are just flying by so, before I know it, I'll be back at work. Ugh.

June 2, 2002
We resumed shooting on our "Single White Vinnie" episode today after starting production on it a few months ago. After a late start, we finished a couple of scenes and I think they turned out pretty well. Tim was behind the camera, Bill was our soundman and I acted with two fine actresses, Audrea Quinton and Shushan Richardson. Tim and Shushan's sister, Candace, was also there to lend her support. A big thanks to everybody for spending some time at Thornburg International Studios (Especially Shushan who was in the middle of moving into her new apartment today)!

While talking to Bill today, he mentioned his wife, Jamie, was excited to see her name mentioned on this here website. Jamie, of course, can be seen in our current episode, "The Comedy Stylings of Sven Juppen". However, Jamie seemed to be slightly disappointed not to see her picture on the site. To correct that oversight, I present the photo below.

Two of the Idiots' favorite people, Bill and Jamie McIntosh. with that wily Brad Quinton lurking in the back.

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