Active Blather: July 2002

July 28, 2002
We resumed shooting on the "Single White Vinnie" episode today. We shot a couple scenes involving Vinnie and Arlo. We worked at a leisurely pace, covered our angles, and used the dandy lapel microphones. I think we'll need at least two more days of shooting before we can put this episode to rest. It's going to be a lengthy show. Perhaps forty-five minutes. I'm definitely looking forward to the finished product.

July 27, 2002
Okay, let's talk about some disappointments. First, a big apology to those loyal viewers who tuned into the show this past Thursday and found nothing, but stale bulletin board messages.* "Clown Day Afternoon" was supposed to air, but something obviously happened, technical difficulties or what not. Hopefully, the same problem won't happen this upcoming Thursday.

Due to the mix-up, I contacted the public access coordinator and sent him a revised schedule for our two new episodes. 

Another apology for not posting a strip this past Friday.  I wish I could give you a good excuse, but it was plain laziness on my part. My vow to do better still stands! 

I could also talk about the disappointment of The Powerpuff Girls' performance at the box office, but I won't go into it. (Poor Girls!)

* Thanks to the ever reliable Tim Richardson and Bev Thornburg for telling me about the non-showing of the show!

July 25, 2002

It's time to do the happy dance!
(Mary McCammon & Audrea Quinton)

This past afternoon I turned in our two latest efforts to the cable company and one of the two new shows should begin airing today. Our newest episode of Those Funky Idiots, "Clown Day Afternoon", will premiere tonight at 11:00pm. Next week, the newest episode of Yakking with Arlo  will debut. 

The two shows look great. Tim really did another wonderful job putting everything together. He is truly the maestro! Mucho thanks to Tim and all our Boffo! cast and crew! Special thanks to all our regular viewers who keep turning us on and watching!  I hope you'll enjoy our latest efforts!

July 23, 2002
Not much to report. The DVD player is dead (The causes are unknown). Working eight hours at work again. Christy Hiday and Nick Grove now possess a cable modem. And that's about it.

Am I living large or what?

I did come across a site dedicated to Stillwater, Minnesota (Home to our friends at Valley Community Access Channels). It looks like a pleasant community. I just hope our show won't corrupt those nice folks!

July 22, 2002
I have decided to change the schedule for the strip's updates. I'll be posting new strips
Mondays and Fridays from now on. Hopefully, that'll get me back on track a bit. As you may have noticed, I have been only "cranking" out a strip a week for the last few months. It's sad and disappointing, but I vow to do better!

July 17, 2002
Ah, we meet again! It has been too long! Nice to see you!

Not much to report. The cast and crew got together this past Sunday to resume shooting  the "Single White Vinnie" episode. This episode may be the episode that will never die. No matter how much we shoot it, there always seems to be more to do! But we're getting there and the footage we have completed looks good!

Some quick thank yous to Brad Quinton, Mary McCammon, Shushan Richardson, Jon Sipes, Michael Richardson (and the kids), and Tim for showing up and playing along! Some previous thanks to Bill McIntosh, Carol Richardson and Chuck Williams! And thanks to Grandma for the use of the garage and we're sorry you nearly tripped over the extension cord! 

A few weeks ago, we got an e-mail from a public access station in Minnesota. They wanted to know if we could send them some tapes so they could air the Idiots in their area. Well, after hemming and hawing from yours truly, I sent them our newest episode, "The Comedy Stylings of Sven Juppen". This weekend I found out they enjoyed the episode and have been airing it to the good citizens of Stillwater, Minnesota! It's definitely cool to know the show is being seen in another state
to a brand new audience. Hopefully, we'll be sending more episodes to Stillwater soon!

July 12, 2002

Eric bought an eye patch. Is his new career in piracy far behind?

July 11, 2002

Things are getting back to normal around these parts.

My friends have returned from their trip to Alaska and they had a great time. They brought me back a cool t-shirt featuring Alaska's orneriest critter (No, not Maurice Minnifield!), the grizzly! I'm wearing it right now and I'm developing a hunger for picnic baskets.

With their return, my duties as petsitter/housesitter is over. The animals were successfully feed and the house is still standing. I deem my brief tenure a complete triumph! 

Had some car trouble this past Tuesday night. I got a flat tire while driving home from work. It was punctured by something so there was no chance for any recuperation. Everything is fixed now and I have my Dad to thank for that. Thanks, Dad! I owe you a lot!

July 7, 2002
I saw an edited, raw version of the footage we filmed last Sunday and it was impressive. Tim did another boffo job putting it together. It was fun and I can't wait to see how the rest of the episode turns out.

We didn't film today as we originally planned, but that's okay. There's always next week.

In pet matters, the pigs' ears are in limited supply. 

July  6, 2002
The Fourth of the July is over. I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day! My celebration was pretty subdued. I just puttered about and drew a strip and such. I'm still petsitting/housesitting. The pets handled the holiday well. Things have been pretty quiet for the most part which is what you want when you're responsible for your friends' pets and home.

We're filming tomorrow. Still working on the "Single White Vinnie" episode. We filmed last Sunday, too. We had an evening shoot due to the hot temperatures. It was still pretty hot in the studio (aka Grandma's garage), but we plowed through three pages of the script. Tim says the footage we shot looks great. Kewl.  

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