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October 9, 2003
The Humpback Barn Festival
Attention all poetry lovers and art aficionados! This weekend (October 11 and 12) is the 14th Annual Humpback Barn Festival of Poets and Artists! The festival will be at Oakhurst Gardens and runs from noon to 5:00 pm each day. Artwork will be exhibited at the Elizabeth Ball House and poetry readings will start at 2:00 pm on both days.

I was fortunate to have one of my poems selected this year and I will be reading my work on Sunday. So if you want a chance to see me read in public and possibly fall off the stage, drop by Sunday and partake in the cultural event of the season! 

October 5, 2003
Yowza! It's October now! And today is my little brother's birthday! Happy Birthday, Todd! I hope you're having a great one!

I don't know if you read about this in the newspaper this past week, but apparently our good friend, Theresa Keihn, had a little mishap with her pontoon this past Wednesday. As a favor to you, good readers, I cut out the article from The Waffleville Grocery Bag Browser concerning Theresa's recent trouble and I'm posting it below.

Explosion rocks Reservior

Pretty chilling stuff! I'm just grateful Theresa and Howard are alright and I know they will have their pontoon fixed in no time!

In Eric Whetsel News..
Eric's mother, Councilwoman Connie Whetsel, was interviewed recently in The Star Press.

And finally I would like to announce I have a new woman in my life and her name is Mama Jazz.

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