Active Blather: September 2003

September 27, 2003
Look, Ma, No Ads!

I'm happy to announce that is now ad free! In a move I hope will make everyone happy, all banners and pop-ups are now banned from these premises! They have been given their walking papers and I say good riddance to the lot of them!

Speaking of walking papers, Tom Green's show was cancelled this past week by MTV. That means all the footage of Green frolicking in Muncie will probably never see the light of day. Of course, some people are not taking this lying down! (See third item down)

In the backseat of my car, I have added three sporks to the pile of chopsticks. More disposable utensils may be added at a later date.

September 22, 2003
Okay, first things first, does anybody really care that this is the last season of Friends

I didn't think so.

I like to apologize to everybody for the bloody pop-up ads that have been swarming around the site the last week or two. I really don't know why they have suddenly cropped up recently, but it is certainly a pain in the tuckus! If they are causing any problem for you, dear readers, I want to extend my apologizes! They are certainly not my doing! The fault lies with our host. One day I hope to have no such ads creeping onto this delicate flower of a site! In other words, anybody have a server I could use?

I don't know if you had heard, but excitement brushed against Muncie last week when the former Mr. Drew Barrymore, Tom Green, passed through town. Green and his MTV posse swept into America's Hometown™ with their usual bag of hi-jinks and shenanigans. In fact, our very own Eric Whetsel stood a few feet away from testicular cancer survivor Green outside a local watering hole that featured midget wrestling and very tall women. Accordingly, Eric wasn't too impressed.

I guess Green also received the key to the city from Mayor Dan Canan (Thus proving our beloved mayor will hand one out at the drop of the hat) and a parade was held downtown for the man responsible for Freddy Got Fingered  as well. I'm sorry I wasn't there to cover the event for the show because it sounded wonderfully chaotic. Oh, well! You can't have it all. 

Bob's Comic Castle

Hey, Bob's Comic Castle is now selling the Idiots' comic book! So rush on down to 2150 W. White River Boulevard and tell Bob that Tom sent ya! 

September 16, 2003
Splash page

Well, it took longer than I originally planned, but I'm happy to announce the first minicomic starring Those Funky Idiots is finally completed! If you would like to purchase a copy, please click here!

September 13, 2003
At work on Friday, a middle-aged, weasel-like man danced around in a cheap grass skirt, a coconut shell bra, and an obnoxious hat shaped like a flamingo. He is the manager over the department I work in and he is a deeply pathetic man. The purpose for his loser dance is a mystery. It was either a form of punishment or a cry for help. 

The saddest thing about the experience was he wasn't wearing a shirt! This is the type of guy who needs to be wearing a shirt at all times! I don't know what will haunt me more: his fish-belly white skin or the knowledge those coconut shells covered droopy, little manboobs. Utterly disgusting all around.

September 10, 2003

I really don't follow many online comic strips (I know, I know! I'm missing Sluggy Freelance! Shame on me!), but I am a fan of Chris Bishop's Her!. Her! follows the classic love/hate relationship between a little girl and a pig. The little girl wears a red dress, the pig wears shades, and they both perform in a strip that can be wicked, off-kilter, and simply cruel all at the same time. And, oh, it's funny, too.

In honor of his recent birthday, Bishop invited his readers to become guest cartoonists for Her! and I took the challenge! Check it out!

As for the chopsticks-in-my-backseat situation, I gave a pair to Grandma. I don't think she'll ever use them, but you never know!

September 5, 2003
 Local screenwriter John Dalton now has a blog and I couldn't be happier. It's always nice to see a familiar face setting up shop on the web. Though I personally disagree with his opinion concerning Paul Levitz's later work on The Legion of Superheroes, I highly recommend John's site to any blogger junkies out there.

Currently in the backseat of my car is a small pile of chopsticks. Any takers?

September 2, 2003
As I write this, the Labor Day weekend has drawn to a close. I was fortunate to have a three-day weekend and I'm sorry to see it end. 

It's been raining the last couple of days, flooding streets and basements here and about. Fortunately, Saturday was nice and dry for I was once again pontooning with friends. Theresa was kind enough to let Eric, Christy, and me board her vessel for a second time. We cruised about the choppy waters of Prairie Creek for a few hours and then we docked when Eric's bladder came a 'calling.

Later that night, we (sans Theresa) went to Eric's new digs where we ate Taco Bell and played pool. Eric lives in a beautiful, spacious house that features a swimming pool, a laundry room, a carport with a garage, and plenty of shelf space. It's the type of house that would surely make the cover of Better Homes and Gardens

Happy Birthday, Maddie
September 1 (also known as "yesterday") was my baby niece's birthday. Our little Maddie turned three and the family celebrated her big day at Red Lobster. Fun and cheese rolls were had by all.

My Uncle Jerry also had a birthday yesterday. Hope you had a good one, Uncle Jerry! 

  August 27, 2003
A few observations about my workplace, Touchy-Feely Fotos.

1. Everybody signs their notes, positive or negative, with a crudely-drawn smiley face.

2. Too many short, portly women wear extremely tight shorts.

3. Practically everybody in management is a shameless, two-faced weasel.

August 24, 2003
You ever have one of those weekends where you had planned to do a lot of stuff, but ended up doing absolutely nothing and feeling like a total bum? If you have, you can join my club. And, if you do join my club, please bring your own refreshments!

In Eric Whetsel news...
Eric recently played poker and won ten bucks.

August 22, 2003
Arlo is wearing his boo boo cap!
Though I know he can't read this at the moment, I want to send some good wishes and positive mojo to my friend, Nick Grove. Nick is currently recuperating in the hospital after a sudden illness. Get well soon, Nick! Cleoie and your TiVo miss their daddy!

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