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May 11, 2002
It's the day before Mother's Day. I finally got my mom a gift just a couple of hours ago. I got her cushions for her lawn furniture. It's what she wanted and I hope she likes what I got. If not, I have the receipt somewhere (Hey, where is that thing?).

Some of the family got together at a local buffet today to celebrate Mother's Day. I was there, too. I continued my sad habit of only eating one plateful of grub which defeats the purpose of buffet dining. I don't understand why I do it. I'm a hefty guy with a hefty appetite. I should be piling it in, but I don't. No, I just can manage one measly plate for nine dollars. Maybe I need a tapeworm.

My niece, Keeley, was on the radio Friday. I forget what station it was, but they were having a Mother's Day contest and Keke won! She was asked questions about why she loved her mommy and ended up winning a bouquet of roses for her mother (Hi, Carrie!)
Keke says she's now a radio star and, after listening to a tape of her radio debut, I believe her.

And finally...

Our friend, Eric, got himself a new motorcycle. It's a bit bigger than his other cycle (RIP) so he's getting used to the added weight of the ride. Congratulations on your purchase, Eric, and listen to Theresa: Wear a helmet!

May 9, 2002
Yo! I'm back and you're still here! Man, you are the best! I can always depend on you when the chips are down! You're too good to me! You're just too good!

So how are things going? Did that rash ever clear up? Did you remember to use the lotion? Yes? Good, good. I'm telling you that stuff works wonders! Especially on your "sensitive" areas! Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to...Are you blushing? I think you're blushing! Oh, wait...that's the rash. Boy, that stuff really spreads, huh?

What have I been doing? Working some overtime at work and working undertime with the site. What else? Hey, the gang got together to film last Sunday! It was an episode of Yakking with Arlo and I think it turned out pretty well. Audrea and Mary played Arlo's guests while yours truly (Of course) played Triple A. Tim was the man behind the camera and Bill was our steady soundman. I think everybody had a fun time. At least, I hope so.

Anyway, we're planning on filming again this Sunday (Hey, that's Mother's Day! You better get your ma something real good this year to make up for last year's fiasco! A talking toilet seat! What were you thinking?). We're planning on filming a lot this summer so new shows are on the way! Yay! I would do some cartwheels, but I'm just too fat!

Hey, I hate to cut this short, but I'm running out of things to say! I hope things are going swell with you and yours! We'll talk again soon. I promise! I promise!

May 1, 2002
It is the end of an era.

The final issue of Jar is out on the stands right now and I hope everyone in the greater Muncie area picks a copy up. Not only is it a collectors' item, it also features a picture of me smiling! Believe me, folks, that's a rarity! 

I'm going to miss Jar (and the paycheck that went with it), but it's not all bad news. The Star Press is going to launch a new weekly entertainment magazine in August and it's going to be staffed by many of the same, fine people who kept Jar afloat. Will a certain fat cartoonist and his strip of Idiots be part of this new venture? That's uncertain at the moment. We'll just have to wait and see.

As for those who have been waiting for new strips and content at this site, I have to offer my apologizes once again. I have been playing hooky and, no, I'm not proud of that.  I could offer an excuse or two or three, but you probably heard them before so why waste your time? New strips will be heading your way and soon. Thanks for your patience!

April 19, 2002
Has the buffet become the watering hole for rednecks? That's what a couple of my workaday colleagues theorized after we had lunch at a well-known Chinese buffet today. We had the good fortune to be seated next to a family that expressed their opinions through their mouths and their butts. As they prattled on about the NASCAR schedule, their young son suffered some major gas leaks. Fortunately, I wasn't present for the explosions as I was too busy scooping up ice cream that died from freezer burns weeks ago.

As the meal progressed, a neighboring redneck from another table taunted the gassy child about a missing toy. "I saw him take it away", the balding codger brayed, " They threw it away! I saw them do it!" In reality, the little methane maker dropped the toy on the floor and the buttinski was getting some sadistic thrill by hounding the kid. The kid's family didn't seem to mind that a complete stranger was playing mind games with Junior. They laughed and told the boy to thank the burden to society as he picked up the toy and placed it on their table. 

The two tables seemed to have bonded over the incident. As my colleagues and I departed, the buttinski asked his newfound friends, "What's on them bananas?"  The answer remains a mystery.

April 18, 2002

I received some bad news early last week. The local arts and entertainment magazine, Jar, was calling it quits in May. Jar has been spreading the word on East Central Indiana's arts scene for the past five years and was the birthplace for the Idiots' strip. I am proud and grateful to say Jar has been the home of Those Funky Idiots for the last three years. It was a good relationship and I hate to see it end.

 I want to thank Michelle Kinsey, the wonderful editor of Jar, for giving this fat cartoonist a very big break and for supporting the strip these many moons! Thanks for everything, Michelle!

What else is going on? Oh, I finally got my hands on the new public access rules. They were written by the mayor of Muncie, the honorable Dan Canan. They are not as bad as I feared. Just kind of picky and such.

This past Saturday, Tim dropped by and showed me a copy of our newest episode, "The Comedy Stylings of Sven Juppen". It looked great! Tim really did an outstanding job putting it together. He's such a professional! Thanks, Tim!
Our latest effort will hopefully air in a few weeks.

In Eric Whetsel news, Eric's beloved motorcycle was declared dead this past weekend. Our condolences to Mr.Whetsel.

I know this shouldn't bother me, but what's the deal with Dame Edna guest-starring on Ally McBeal ? Is that really necessary? I know Ally is a firm believer in stunt casting, but Dame Edna?  Has the show become that creatively bankrupt? I say if your show has an ideal part for Dame Edna in it, you should do the viewing public a favor and just call it quits.

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