Kings of Norway

(I: from Harald III to union with Denmark and Sweden)

BeganEnded (if different)
Harald III101510461066
Magnus II104910661069
Olav III105010671093
Magnus III107310931103
Olav (IV)109911031115
Eystein I1088/911031122
Sigurd I109011031130
Magnus IV1115113011351139
Harald IV11301136
Sigurd II113311361155
Inge I11361161
Haakon II114711611162
Sigurd III11621163
Magnus V115611621184
Sverre I115211841202
Haakon III118512021204
Guttorm I12041205
Inge II118512051217
Haakon IV120412171263
Magnus VI123812631280
Erik II126812801299
Haakon V127012991319
Magnus VII131613191374(King of Sweden 1319-63)
Haakon VI134013441380(King of Sweden 1362-63)
Olav IV137013801387(King of Denmark 1375)

For 1387 to 1814, see Denmark. (The future Christian VIII, as Christian Frederik, was briefly Regent and then King of Norway in 1814.)
For 1814 to 1905, see Sweden.

(II: from independence to the present)

Haakon VII187219051957
Olav V190319571991
Harald V19371991