Kings and Queens of Denmark

(from Svein II to the present)

BeganEnded(if different)
Svein II102010471074
Harald IX10741080
Knud IV104010801086
Olaf I10861095
Erik I10951103
Niels I11041134
Erik II11341137
Erik III11371146
Svein III114711541157
Knud V113011541157
Valdemar I113111571182
Knud V116311821202
Valdemar II117012021241
Erik IV121612411250
Abel I121812501252
Christopher I121912521259
Erik V124912591286
Erik VI127412861319
Christopher II1276132013261332
Valdemar III1314132613301364
Valdemar IV132013401375
Olaf II137013751387(King of Norway 1380)
Margrethe (I)1353138713971412(Regent of Sweden 1389-97 and Norway)
Erik VII1382139714381459(King of Sweden 1397-1438 and Norway 1397-1440)
Christopher III141614401448(King of Sweden 1441-48 and Norway 1442-48)
Christian I142514481481(King of Sweden 1457-64 and Norway)
Hans I145514811513(King of Sweden 1483-1501 and Norway)
Christian II1481151315231559(King of Sweden 1520-21 and Norway)
Frederik I147115231533(King of Norway 1524-33)
Christian III150315351559(King of Norway)
Frederik II153415591588(King of Norway)
Christian IV157715881648(King of Norway)
Frederik III160916481670(King of Norway)
Christian V164616701699(King of Norway)
Frederik IV167116991730(King of Norway)
Christian VI169917301746(King of Norway)
Frederik V172317461766(King of Norway)
Christian VII174917661808(King of Norway)
Frederik VI176818081839(King of Norway 1808-14)
Christian VIII178618391848
Frederik VII180818481863
Christian IX181818631906
Frederik VIII184319061912
Christian X187019121947
Frederik IX189919471972
Margrethe II194019722024 (abdicated)
Frederik X19682024