Kings and Queens of Naples, Sicily and the Two Sicilies

(I: medieval kingdom of Naples)

BeganEnded(if different)
Carlo I122612651285(youngest son of King Louis VIII of France)
Carlo II 125412851309
Giovanna I132613431382
Carlo III134513821386(King of Hungary 1385)
Giovanna II137314141435
René I1409143514421480
Alphonse I139614421458
Ferdinando I142314581494
Alphonse II1448149414951495
Ferdinando II146914951496
Federico IV1452149615011504

Naples was ruled by Louis XII of France (1462-1515) from 1501-04 and by the Kings of Spain from 1504 to 1700 (except for a brief republican interlude 1647-48). It was contested by Felipe V of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor Karl VI (1685-1740) during the War of the Spanish Succession (1700-14). Karl received the Neapolitan crown in 1714, but lost it to Felipe's son Carlos (later Carlos III of Spain) in 1734, whereupon Naples gained its first resident king since 1501.

(II: Bourbon Kings until the unification of Italy)

BeganEnded(if different)
Carlo VII1716173417591788(King of Spain 1759)
Ferdinando IV/III/I175117591825(King of Two Sicilies 1816)
Giuseppe Buonaparte1768180618081844(King of Spain 1808-13)
Joachim Murat177118081815
Francesco I177718251830
Ferdinando II181018301859
Francesco II1836185918611894