Kings and Emperors of France

(from the accession of the Capetian dynasty to the fall of the Second Empire)

BeganEnded(if different)
Hugh Capet 938987996
Robert II9709961031
Henri I100810311060
Philippe I105310601108
Louis VI108111081137
Louis VII112011371180
Philippe II116511801223
Louis VIII118712231226
Louis IX121512261270
Philippe III124512701285
Philippe IV126812851314
Louis X128913141316
Jean I131613161316
Philippe V129113161322
Charles IV129413221328
Philippe VI129313281350
Jean II131913501364
Charles V133713641380
Charles VI136813801422
Charles VII140314221461
Louis XI142314611483
Charles VIII147014831498
Louis XII146214981515
François I149415151547
Henri II151915471559
François II154415591560
Charles IX155015601574
Henri III155115741589
Henri IV155315891610
Louis XIII160116101643
Louis XIV163816431715
Louis XV171017151774
Louis XVI1754177417921793
Napoleon I1769180418141821
Louis XVIII175518141815
Charles X1757182418301836
Louis Philippe I1773183018481850
Napoleon III1808185218701873

Pretenders (and restored kings) since the Revolution