Holy Roman Emperors/Emperors of Austria

(from Frederick "Barbarossa" to the fall of the Austrian Empire)

BeganEnded(if different)
Friedrich I 112311551190(Roman King 1152)
Heinrich VI115611911197(Roman King 1169; King of Sicily 1194)
Philipp117611981208(Duke of Swabia; Roman King)
Otto IV117412091218(Roman King 1198)
Friedrich II119412201250(King of Sicily 1197; Roman King 1212)
Conrad IV122812371254(Roman King; King of Sicily 1250)
Wilhelm12541256(Count of Holland; Roman King)
Richard120912561272(Earl of Cornwall; Roman King
Alfonso (X)122012571284(King of Castile; Roman King)
Rudolf I121812731291(Count of Hapsburg 1240; Roman King)
Albrecht I124812981308(Duke of Austria 1282; Roman King)
Heinrich VII13081313(Count of Luxemburg 1288)
Friedrich (III)1286131413261330(Duke of Austria 1308; Roman King)
Ludwig IV13141347(Duke of Bavaria)
Karl IV131613551378(Roman King & King of Bohemia 1346)
Wenzel (IV)1361137614001419(Roman King; King of Bohemia 1378)
Sigismund136814331437(King of Hungary 1387; Roman King 1411; King of Bohemia 1419)
Albrecht II139714381439(King of Bohemia & Hungary 1437; Roman King)
Friedrich III141514401493(Archduke of Austria 1458)
Maximilian I145914931519(Roman King 1486)
Karl V1500153015561558(King {as Carlos I} of Spain 1516; Roman King 1519)
Ferdinand I150315581564(King of Bohemia & Hungary 1526)
Maximilian II152715641576
Rudolf II1552157616111612
Matthias155716121619(King of Hungary 1608; King of Bohemia 1611)
Ferdinand II157816191637
Ferdinand III160816371657
Ferdinand IV163316531654(King of Bohemia 1646; Roman King)
Leopold I164016571705
Joseph I167817091711(King of Bohemia 1690)
Karl VI168517111740
Karl VII169717421745(Elector of Bavaria 1726)
Maria Theresa171717401780(Queen of Bohemia & Hungary)
Franz I170917451765(Duke of Lorraine 1729)
Joseph II174117651790
Leopold II174717901792(Grand Duke of Tuscany 1765)
Franz II/I176817921835(Emperor of Austria 1804; abdicated as Holy Roman Emperor 1806)
Ferdinand I1793183518481875
Franz Joseph I183018481916(King of Hungary 1867)
Karl I1887191619181922