Kings of Bohemia

(from proclamation of the kingdom to acquisition by the Hapsburgs)

BeganEnded(if different)
Wratislaw II103210851092(Duke of Bohemia 1061)
Wladislaw II (I)115811721174(Duke of Bohemia 1140)
Premysl Ottokar I115511981230(Duke of Bohemia 1192-3)
Wenceslas I120512301253
Premysl Ottokar II123312531278
Wenceslas II127112831305(King of Poland 1302)
Wenceslas III128913051306(King of Hungary 1301-5; King of Poland 1305)
Rudolf I (III)128213061307(Duke of Austria)
Karl I (IV) 131613461378(Roman King 1346; Holy Roman Emperor 1355)
Wenzel (IV)136113781419(Roman King 1376-1400)
Sigismund136814191437(King of Hungary 1387; Roman King 1411; Holy Roman Emperor 1433)
Albrecht (II)139714371439(King of Hungary; Roman King 1438)
Ladislas V144014401457(King of Hungary)
George142014581471(Regent 1448-58)
Wladislaw II145614711516(King of Hungary 1490)
Louis II1506151615261558(King of Hungary)
Ferdinand I150315261564(Holy Roman Emperor 1556)

For 1556 to 1918, see Holy Roman Empire/Austria.

Friedrich V of Wittelsbach, Elector Palatine (1596-1632), was briefly King of Bohemia from 1619 to 1620.