Scotland 2007

In August 2007 I participated in a tour of Scotland organized by WDAV, Charlotte's classical radio station. While there I visited many monarchical sites, some of which are pictured here.

St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh Castle, the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh, built by King David I (r. 1124-53) in memory of his mother, Queen St. Margaret (d. 1093)

Palace of Holyroodhouse, HM the Queen's official residence in Scotland

Sitting on a replica of the Stone of Scone at Scone Palace, ancient crowning place of Scottish kings, with the chapel of the Earls of Mansfield in the background

Playing Scone Palace's 1813 pipe organ

The Great Hall, Stirling Castle

Monuments to King Robert the Bruce (r. 1306-29) at Stirling Castle (L) and Bannockburn (R)

WDAV blog reports by Mike McKay:
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