Italy 2007: The Royal Palace of Caserta

Following the conclusion of the WDAV tour of Scotland, I went on to Italy, where I stayed for a week with my friends the De Piantes in Rome. As in Scotland (and with much better weather), I visited an overwhelming number of magnificent historic sites, but here I will focus on our August 17 trip to the 18th-century Bourbon palace at Caserta, home of the Kings of Naples (subsequently Two Sicilies).

With Andrew De Piante in the Vestibule

In Alexander's Room, in front of the painting by Gennaro Maldarelli (1795-1858) of the abdication in 1759 of King Carlo VII/III (1716-1788) in favor of his third son Ferdinando IV/III/I (1751-1825) in order to become King Carlos III of Spain

Vault of the Mars Room, by Antonio Galliano, depicting Achilles' chariot protected by Mars sweeping Hector away

Vault of the Throne Room, by Gennaro Maldarelli, depicting the ceremony of placing the first stone of the palace on January 20, 1752

The Fountain of the Dolphins, by Gaetano Solomone, in the royal park

Exterior of the palace, from the park

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