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Articles on Traditional Catholicism

James De Piante, Life, Liturgy, and the Pursuit of Happiness (March 2000)
Jeffrey Tucker, The Bishop Gets Down (May 6, 2000)
Jeffrey Tucker, We'll Take the Quiet Mass

Christopher Ferrara, Interpreting Vatican II: A Handy Schematic (March 2002) (FR)
Christopher Ferrara, Scalia and Buchanan "Suspend Obedience" to Novel Papel Teaching (April 9, 2002)
Christopher Ferrara, Pulling the Plug (2002)
Thomas Woods, PC in the Catholic Church (August 22, 2002)
Gerald Warner, Is the Pope a Catholic? (December 14, 2002)

Christopher Noxon, Is the Pope Catholic...Enough? (March 9, 2003) (FR)
Joseph Sobran, The Papal Kiss (April 2003)
Uwe Siemon-Netto, No more messy Mass? (May 15, 2003) (FR)
Bess Twiston Davies, A fad for young fogeys, or the authentic spirit of Catholicism? (May 17, 2003) (FR)
Lisa Fernandez, Embracing Tradition (July 4, 2003) (FR)
Brett Decker, The new cardinals' virtues (September 29, 2003)
Steven Vegh, Latin Mass attracting a younger generation of parishioners (December 21, 2003) (FR)
Rachel Zoll, Controversy over Gibson film puts spotlight on conservative Catholic movement (December 27, 2003) (FR) (Remnant response)

Eryn Brown, Beyond the Trappings (February 15, 2004) (FR) (AQ)
Gerald Warner, Gibson's Passion forced to find sanctuary (February 29, 2004) (FR)
Gerald Warner, Struggle to return to Christian values (April 11, 2004) (FR)
Richard Fausset and Joy Buchanan, Retirement Means an End to Ancient Mass (May 10, 2004) (FR)
Steven Greenhut, The Catholic Church's great divide (May 16, 2004) (FR)
Michael Paulson, A Devotion to Tradition (May 23, 2004)
Robert Moynihan, Restore the Old Mass (June 2, 2004) (FR)
Michael Clancy, Mass in Latin is Back (June 5, 2004) (FR)
Chronicles: Catholicism and Economics (July 2004)
Sheila Dabu, That old time religion (August 28, 2004) (FR)
Yonat Shimron, Latin mass makes a modest comeback (August 28, 2004)

Charles Coulombe, All That Frippery (January 2005)
Jill Callison, Heritage of Latin Mass Returns to Cathedral (May 7, 2005)
Plan to Close Church With Latin Mass Upsets Parishioners (May 31, 2005)

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