Mel Gibson's Passion

Reviews and Commentary on Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ

Roger Ebert, The Passion of the Christ (****) (February 24, 2004)
James Berardinelli, Passion of the Christ, The (***1/2) (February 2004)
Steven Greydanus, The Passion of the Christ (February 2004)
Rabbi Daniel Lapin, The Dividers: The Passion's critics fail (February 25, 2004)
Gerald Warner, Gibson's Passion forced to find sanctuary (February 29, 2004)
Jonathan Tuttle, Mel Gibson's Pieta (March 2, 2004)
Patrick Buchanan, Mel Gibson's Triumph (March 3, 2004)
Bruce Anderson, Christianity and Judaism Cannot Be Reconciled (March 6, 2004)
John Zmirak, The Christ, The Controversy (March 15, 2004)
David Allen White, Reflections on The Passion of the Christ (March 15, 2004)

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The Passion of the Christ

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"I am a little conservative...I tend to favour the monarchy, or the idea of the monarchy; the idea of sovereignty, because up until now it's done a pretty good job of maintaining people's independence and freedom...I just think you can't throw it away without thinking it over."

--Mel Gibson, 1998

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