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Welcome! My name is Theodore Harvey and I live in Dallas, Texas, United States. I have been interested in royalty and monarchy for nearly twenty years. My main goal here is to provide facts and reading material which hopefully will be both interesting and informative. While my specialty is European royalty, I believe that monarchists should be concerned with relevant developments everywhere; therefore, I have emphasized Europe but also included information on other royalty. This site was created on September 29, 2000, and was last updated on October 5, 2010. Please feel free to e-mail me with comments and/or suggestions!

On the one hundredth anniversary of the destruction by a treasonous radical minority of the great Portuguese Monarchy I CONDEMN the Portuguese Republic as an illegitimate ABOMINATION that has no right to exist and should certainly not be celebrated. I call on all true Portuguese Patriots to join together in restoring the Duke of Braganza to his rightful Throne. Long live HM King Duarte III!

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