Royal Genealogy

This section is a guide to the ten currently reigning European royal families. For each country, a genealogical list provides the titles, names, and marriage, birth & death dates for living and recent members and relatives of the family.

Reign dates for sovereigns are in bold following his or her name. Each list begins with the present sovereign's relevant grandparent. Listed below are those of his or her descendants who it seems appropriate to include.

The numbers before each name indicate order of birth: for example, a person identified as 1.2.3. is the third child of the second child of the first child of the person at the top.

This concise format should make it easy to quickly find information on the most prominent royals. For more comprehensive information of this kind, see Paul Theroff's Online Gotha.


Below are ancestor lists of some of the members of European royal families who I have met in person. Information on marriage and children (if any) is also included, in small font.

Princess Irene of Greece (May 13, 1999, Bloomington, Indiana)
Crown Prince Philippe and Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium (September 10, 2000, New York, New York)
Archduke Geza of Austria & Hungary (January 26, 2002, New York, New York)
Prince Gregory of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (October 20-22, 2006, Richmond and Emeryville, California)

Simplified genealogical list showing how the above are related

Relationships of Current European Sovereigns (2000-13)
Relationships of European Sovereigns in 1914

Descendants of the Count and Countess of Paris

The Royal Hemophiliacs