The Royal Hemophiliacs

Prince Leopold of Great Britain, Duke of Albany7 April185328 March1884Queen Victoria (1819-1901)
Prince Friedrich of Hesse 7 October 1870 29 May1873Princess Alice (1843-1878) (daughter of Queen Victoria)
Prince Waldemar of Prussia20 March18892 May1945Princess Irene (1866-1953) (daughter of Princess Alice)
Prince Leopold of Battenberg, Lord Leopold Mountbatten 21 May 188923 April1922Princess Beatrice (1857-1944) (daughter of Queen Victoria)
Prince Heinrich of Prussia9 January190026 February1904Princess Irene
Tsarevich Alexei of Russia12 August190417 July1918Empress Alexandra (1872-1918) (daughter of Princess Alice)
Prince Rupert of Teck, Viscount Trematon24 April190715 April1928Princess Alice (1883-1981) (daughter of Prince Leopold)
Infante Alfonso of Spain, Prince of Asturias10 May19076 September1938Queen Victoria Eugenie (1887-1969) (daughter of Princess Beatrice)
Infante Gonzalo of Spain24 October191413 August1934Queen Victoria Eugenie

Hemophilia in European Royalty