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Buckner's Cave, Monroe County, Indiana

Buckner's Cave Pictures

July 16, 2000

I know I said the last trip would be my last, but despite the trash, grafitti and smell, it is still an interesting cave and I enjoyed this trip......go figure!

Kim and Christina at Buckners entrance

Christina in Keens Grotto Passage -- They didn't like this all!

This is Christina, but I really don't remember where it is at

Kim is climbing into the Air Force room from the Grotto Side

We decided to take a break in the Air Force Room and have a bit of a snackee treat

All this trash was found in the Monument room. There is a rather large area littered like this

We saw this formation in the monument room, can you tell what we thought it looked like? (click on the picture to enlarge)

This is Christina under the Volcano Room coming up from the stream passage