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A comprehensive database of 1000+ links to privately-owned/managed self-catering holiday properties throughout Scotland.
Please note that I do not have a choice about the pop-up advertising that appears when you opened this site. As a not-for-profit service to all users of this site, I have chosen to use a free hosting service--which requires embedded or pop-up advertising. PAGE MUST BE VIEWED IN FULL SCREEN FOR MAP READABILITY. If you are not finding properties in a specific location, try a page from a surrounding area. Categorization is an inexact science when dealing with such a broad range of locations. Some properties are listed on multiple pages as a result of this issue.

Self Catering Accommodation By Location

Please email URL suggestions, questions, comments or corrections.

Please Note:

I created this database as a public service to both travelers and property owners. I accept no advertising, nor do I charge for inclusion. The properties listed herein have been selected for their apparent qualification as evidenced by their website. It should be noted that some properties included do utilize the services of agents or brokerage companies; however, their willingness to accept public bookings via email or other direct owner/manager contact has qualified them for inclusion.
Please report any errors/corrections or submit qualifying URLS by email. I welcome comments, questions or discussion. You need not be the property owner to suggest appropriate properties for inclusion to this database, but please refer to the subheading and page each submission belongs to in your emails.
Please check back frequently as new properties are added regularly. If bookmarked, be sure to refresh this page upon subsequent visits. Thank you for visiting my website.

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