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Legal Info

Copyright Information


All photographs appearing on this website are copyrighted unless otherwise indicated. Written permission MUST be obtained prior to reproduction of these images in any manner including printing, display on homepages/websites or other use constituting violation of United States of America and international copyright laws.

I will grant permission to virtually all requests for use with the imposed condition that any internet/website posting of my photography be in conjunction with the display of a small text link to my primary website on every page where my images are used. This link can be one of the borrower's choosing (as long as it functions properly and gives me full credit for my photography.)

Temporary consent for the use of my photographs in an internet/website forum is granted under the following conditions:

1. The borrower has sent an electronic request via a link on this site to me requesting permission of use


2. The borrower has included a working link to my site on each page of his/her website on which my photography appears


3. The borrower has given credit to the photographer either in the text link itself (see example below) or elsewhere on the page where the photography appears.

You may copy and paste this HTML sample right to your webpage or create your own, similar design by highlighting the html code and clicking on "EDIT" then selecting "COPY." Then go to your website editor then click in the area you want the text to appear and select "EDIT" then "PASTE."

<font size=2>Photograph &copy2003 <b><a href="">M.Cerny</a></b>.</font>

This code appears as:
Photograph ©2003 M.Cerny.

If all three conditions are met, my temporary consent is applicable for a period not longer than 30 days or until I have granted my written consent to the querent electronically- whichever is first.

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