The Origin of OAHSPE.

OAHSPE, The Wonder Book Of The Age.

A Review of OAHSPE

By Walter Wiers
who passed into Spirit April 8, 1998

"Hear Me, O My Son! Hither (referring to North America--w.w.) have I  brought thee... When the earth is circumscribed around about with such as choose  Me, I will come hither with a great awakening light to the souls  of men... On this land will I raise up a people who shall...come  out boldly against all dominion save Mine... Neither shall they  know the cause, but they shall come forth in tens of thousands,  putting away all Gods and Lords and ancient tyranny for My sake, ... for it is My land, which I planned for the deliverance of the  nations of the earth...
And they shall become the power of the  world. They shall establish peace and put away war,  leading all peoples in the way of peace, love,  righteousness."
OAHSPE, P.30:4-7 & 468:19

Since the day the Pilgrims left England to brave the wilderness of America, many Americans have shown a willingness "to come out boldly" for liberty of conscience, at least their own. Currently, thousands of them, as anticipated in OAHSPE, are putting obedience to conscience above obedience to the law of the land. A few are attempting to "lead all nations in the way of peace, love, and righteousness" and to "put away war." Others, in accordance with the dictates of their consciences, are for "the deliverance of the nations of the earth" by a show of force, if necessary.

Thus, like the above quotations, hundreds of other passages in Oahspe have a direct bearing on the important questions, worldly and spiritual, which bewilder people these days. Many fateful challenges have arisen both at home and abroad which Americans must meet successfully if they are to avoid going downhill. To meet them victoriously, people will need to know a lot more about man's nature, history, and destiny than they commonly do now. Hence, OAHSPE.

Even a brief examination of OAHSPE will convince the reader that it is something special, that it is not just another book by another man looking up and writing about God. On the contrary, it reads like a book from another world. The point of view manifested in its pages is always that of someone above the earth and above man in the hierarchy of the universe looking downward and back to man, calling to him to improve himself and his society so that he may the sooner rise up and enjoy the greater splendors of the higher worlds. If only for this, its tranquilizing view of our affairs from a great height, its sanity-restoring perspective, OAHSPE is well worth reading. But essentially, OAHSPE is a new revelation, a veritable revelation, more reasonable, more consistent, and more complete than any other so far.

This is, while not claiming infallibility, OAHSPE purports, to be new help from above, new light from the All Highest on mankind's most enduring questions, including some of the grave ones of this era. In order that we may intelligently direct our lives toward trustworthy goals and eliminate much wearisome, self-canceling toil and error, and in order that collectively we may stay on the road to the stars, we are given in OAHSPE vital, indispensable information we could not otherwise get for ourselves in time to do us much good. We are given information about causes and origins, about things, personages, and events, about right and wrong, about space, gravity, and extraterrestrial organizations, and above all, about the continued life of the human spirit and what this really means.

Who gives us this information? It is our present conviction that OAHSPE consists of authentic and official disclosures made for our orientation and guidance by organized space-dwelling entities above us in the hierarchy of life forms. These space-dwelling entities of OAHSPE claim to be, and indeed may very well be, members of a cosmic society older than the earth.

Does this sound impossible? All down through history there have been countless reports of strange phenomena, of apparitions and hauntings, and of people with inexplicable powers such as clairvoyance and precognition (prophecy) and telepathy, which transcended space and time. But, until recently, the agents commonly held to be responsible for such occurrences were never called space-dwelling entities. They were called demons, devils, ghosts, spirits, angels, virgins, gods, or Gods, etc., or simply higher powers. As such, everybody knew about them and most people regularly worshipped and did service to one or more of them even as they do today.

Apart from OAHSPE, five thousand years of testimony from all quarters of the globe, sworn by witnesses often at the cost of their lives, indicate there is something disquieting going on here, something concerning all of us that ought to be investigated. Mountains of evidence--giant pyramids still standing, glistening temples once stately, massive cathedrals intricately sculptured, dark ruins hidden in tropical forests, all bear silent witness to the great and enduring power of the unseen over man.

Crucifixions and solemn processions, persecutions, and religious wars, thousands of books in the libraries and a great mass of data painstakingly accumulated by parapsychologists, all this evidence (archeological, architectural, spontaneous, historical, and experimental--show the great and enduring power that some spirits (they could hardly have been mere hallucinations) have held and still hold over millions of men and women.

Especially do the persecutions of unbelievers, the massacres, the witch-hunts, the inquisitions, and the burnings at the stake warn us that the question of the role of supraterrestrials in the history of this planet should not be dismissed lightly. They suggest that the thesis of OAHSPE is essentially correct, that from the beginning supraterrestrials have played a decisive role in the history of this planet; that from the beginning man has been raised up, inspired, haunted, obsessed, beguiled, tormented, and recruited by space-dwelling entities normally invisible to most, but not all of us. What, then, is going on here? Are we property? A colony? A part of some other world's scheme of universal conquest? Is there an invisible war going on, a struggle for our minds, a battle for our loyalties? Is there danger now that we may throw off all the ancient yokes and explore and colonize other worlds on our own? Have we, as the Communists and many scientists claim, progressed in spite of the Gods, or, as the worshippers of Brahma, Buddha, and Christ proclaim, progressed because of them? To deal with the crisis created by our coming of age, has there been a change of Gods? Who, now, is God in heaven and what is His name? The authors of OAHSPE give good reasonable answers to the foregoing questions, answers you won't find in other books.

They dispel some of the clouds of mystery surrounding the origin of man on the earth, although, of course, this means transferring the mystery, in part, to other, far-off worlds.

They disclose how and why, since that day 78,000 years ago, when their predecessors first came here and raised man upright, we have been under their society's jurisdiction. They explain the manner and object of their government. They relate how we have progressed under their vigilance and inspiration. With many examples from their history and ours, they explain the laws of our progress and development.

They tell what we and they have accomplished so far and what we and they in collaboration may accomplish during the present, the KOSMON era, as they call it. They make it clear how and why, eventually, we will find ourselves among them, doing more or less as they have done. So far, OAHSPE is the only book which even attempts to give the full story of the whole man, corporeal and spiritual. OAHSPE is the only book which amply portrays man's activities both before and after death in that cosmic society into which his spirit is born an indissoluble part.

For even as all men are born elementary parts of a nation and of a humanity, neither of which they will ever see or know in its entirety but which undeniably exists and has power over them, so are they born, too elementary, immortal, conscious individualized parts of that still greater social organism, the cosmic consciousness, or Person of the whole universe. In OAHSPE this Person of the Whole, or Supreme Being, is called JEHOVIH.

Why tell us these things? Couldn't we in time discover them by and for ourselves? The answer is, we could, of course, but why does any society set up schools for its future citizens? With respect to OAHSPE, the object appears to be not just instruction but action; planned, remedial, revolutionary action explained in the latter part of OAHSPE. The time has come to the earth, and particularly to America when mortals can be told the truth about themselves, the truth about their natures, their pasts, their present situation or predicament, and their future, including the place and the condition awaiting them after death. The time has come when mortals can, understandingly, and for their own immediate and everlasting good, become active and collaborating members of that greater society of which they are, in any case, an inescapable part.

To accomplish this, men must be awakened to an understanding of their condition and to some appreciation of their spiritual powers and responsibilities. Although many profess a belief in immortality, very few have given the matter much thought. For the few who want to know what life after death is really like, or may be like, OAHSPE is by far the most enlightening book on the subject. As an aid to an appreciation of one's inborn significance and insignificance in the universes it is unsurpassed. And with the greater appreciation of one's possibilities which OAHSPE is capable of arousing may come a desire to do something about it.

Is it necessary to do something about it? According to OAHSPE, it is. By itself an increased awareness of the potentialities of the spiritual man within all men will not produce any great individual or social improvement. Exertion is necessary just to keep from going backward. At all times man has two roads before him: one leads downward to ruin, sorrow, helplessness, and everlasting darkness; the other leads upward to joy, love, knowledge, power, and everlasting light. There is no third path; neither can anyone stand still.

With many examples from history (theirs and ours), OAHSPE's authors make clear which road is which and also the fate of those who have gone far on either road. Their illumination of the two principal alternatives before us is of inestimable value because, despite the recent example of Germany, where not long ago "everyone" was with Hitler and took the downward road, today other millions believe that the road chosen by the majority is by definition the right road. It isn't. In order, then, that we may avoid the downward road, and that the earth as a whole may rise to new heights of achievement, the authors of OAHSPE show us a road which all men may travel. They show us a task worthy of everyone's best and capable of drawing it out of many. That task is the building on earth of a new world order which will be at the same time an integral part of that universal or galactic order so thrillingly described in OAHSPE.

Clearly, any order (U.S., or U.S.S.R.?) that aspires to blossom into a stable world order and then, as we advance into space, a cosmic order, should begin now to lay down a foundation on which all nations and peoples of the earth may build their highest hopes, a foundation truly universal, everlasting, and scientific. That foundation, according to OAHSPE, is widest, firmest, strongest, and most lasting if it is the ALL Person (the Person of the All of Whom we are all parts). How does one build on that foundation? To build on and at the same time build up the Self of (in) all selves (the Person of the Whole), one needs some understanding of that Whole and one can begin by trying to understand what it means to be an elementary particle of it. One can begin by trying to understand one's self.

That consciousness is the central, most important fact of our lives is easy for us to understand. What most people ignore, forget, misunderstand, fear, half believe, half deny, make fun of, and never think to investigate is that the self-awareness of man can and does survive as the same person, with memory and conscience, even after the decomposition of the flesh or animal body with which it has enjoyed an embryonic and a symbiotic relationship. (Symbiosis is the intimate, semi-parasitic living together of two organisms in a mutually profitable relationship.) That is the most enduring, the most important fact of our lives, and that is the first great truth which the authors of OAHSPE seek to drive home to our understandings.

What is the second great fact? In the vastness of the universe, just one of anything is as nothing. In isolation life everywhere is weak, and everywhere it manifests a tendency to any association which can bolster or raise its potential. First, the association is of atoms into molecules and then of these into the still bigger molecules that make up a living cell. Then, the association is of cells into tissues, of tissues into organs, of organs into organisms, and finally of organisms into societies.

Thus, the chief characteristic of life is, apparently, a power to organize and release energy in such a way as to promote, perpetuate, and add to itself, which includes consciousness. Organization, therefore, is the second great fact of life. In importance ranks equal with that other great fact of life, the immortality of man's consciousness. The one without the other is as nothing in the universe. The one with the other makes all things possible. The two (or organized intelligence) are the key to the mastery of all things. That is the second great truth which the authors of OAHSPE try to drive home to our understandings.

Accordingly, throughout all of OAHSPE we are urged to become "organic" (meaning a part of a growing body or group), not for preaching but for good works and the pursuit of happiness. Affiliation with others for doing good is held to be, at this stage of our development, an indispensable condition of our further development and progress. "There is no such thing as individual resurrection or salvation," we are told in OAHSPE. "Any number of individuals are as nothing unless united." We are urged to form voluntary, co-operative associations of compatible, like-conscience individuals; to form fraternities, brotherhoods, societies, and communities wherein all can be dedicated to doing good to, for, and with one another with all their wisdom and strength.

Organization, however, can be a man's worst enemy as well as his best friend. Fortunately, this danger, that of over sacrificing individuality to conformity, or a minority to a majority, and vice versa, can be minimized by putting first and foremost liberty to the voice of the ALL Highest in every man (conscience), and keeping it there. With liberty first, perpetual improvement in both individuality and organization is possible, and minorities can get along peaceably with majorities. With liberty first, perpetual improvement in both individuality and organization is possible, and minorities can get along peaceably with majorities. With liberty first, the voice of the Self of (in) all selves can be heard, and when it is heard over all the earth, all mankind will thrive.

Millions can and do find happiness in forgetting themselves in service to others who are less fortunate. Many, too, have discovered that virtue (not just charity) must be organized to be effective against any great evil. The advantages of teamwork over isolated, individual effort constitute a great and enduring fact with a great future which people are just beginning to realize. It will not go away by calling it regimentation, socialism, communism, or fascism. And since this same principle governs our spiritual life and progress too, as we are reminded in OAHSPE, the sooner we learn to become organic, not for war, business, or politics but for righteousness and good works, the better for us both here and hereafter.

OAHSPE's authors suggest that we organize to raise and educate orphans to become the first citizens of that improved society which, emerging from a decaying America, will grow and spread to other parts of the world. But it is plain that not everyone is suited to that kind of service. Additional suggestions are provided so that all who earnestly desire to do so may become a better part of a better society with a better future. Thus, because it describes a solid, everlasting, universal foundation on which a new world order may be built, and because it exalts liberty of conscience even about the voice of the group. OAHSPE may be, in fact, the key to the greatness of American's future and the hopes of mankind.

Such are a few of the highlights of OAHSPE. But, shall a man light a match and say that the sun is like a flame, only bigger? Can a drop of water taken from the ocean tell one much about the ocean? In scope and implications OAHSPE extends to infinity. It staggers the imagination and comprehension. It defies description and comparison. The evaluation which William James attached to parapsychology applies particularly to OAHSPE, the most important book in the world today and certainly the magnum opus of parapsychology. James wrote:

  "Hardly as yet has the surface of the facts called psychic begun to be scratched for scientific purposes. It is through following these facts that the greatest conquests of the coming generations will be achieved. 'Bold is the effort, rich is the reward.'"