(Reviews from a 1942 brochure.)




Prof. T. A. M Ward, who deciphered the characters on the Obelisk said, "It is the book of the age and marks a new era in the transitory progression of man."

Prof. Herman Paysse said, "This is the book that was prophesied of old would come. It is worthy the investigation of profound scholars."

Dr. Saml. Hitchcock said, "It would take a lifetime to criticise this book. It is so overwhelming I do not know what to say about it."

Prof. C. A. Cummngs, L. L. D., said, "As a literary phenomena it surpasses all other books."

New York Star, Oct. 29th 1882: "In the narrow limits of a newspaper article it is impossible to give more than a faint idea of the scope of OAHSPE. It brings the history of heaven and earth down to the time of President Lincoln."

The Graphic, Oct. 26th 1882: "It contains not only all that will be found in Prof. Max Muller's work, but a great deal more."

"When we open Oahspe we are at once startled by a powerful voice which we have not heard for centuries."

Franklin Smith, 1882:

Whatever opinions may be formed of this book, whether considered as a historical record, or as an interpreter of religious beliefs, of its ethics, or of its philosophy and scientific expositions, it will have to be conceded to be a most remarkable work. Any description of its that could be comprised in this review would give but the faintest conception of the contents of this wonderful book.

It goes back in history about 78,000 years, and gives an account of the origin of man on the earth and particulars connected therewith. It gives a synopsis covering a period of 48,000 years from the creation of man down to the submersion of the continent of Pan, called by the ancients the Flood or Deluge, which was about 24,000 years ago. From that time to the present it purports to give, not only a history of the earth, but of the spirit-world in connection with the earth as well, the whole illustrated with many plates and a glossary.

Some idea of the field covered by Oahspe may be formed from the fact that it gives a detailed account of the origin of man upon the earth, the origins of all the great systems of religion, besides that of mythologies of the different races, the origin and derivation of languages, the causes of the rise and fall of civilization and enlightenment, the origins of the different races of men, and prophecies in relation to the future. (Many of these prophecies have proven true in the half century since the book was written. Ed.)

The reviewer submits that this book furnishes a far more reasonable mechanical explanation of the great and familiar phenomena of nature than that commonly given by the learned scientists.

But the scientific expositions of this book suggest even more than they explain. So suggestive are they that they enable us to look up through Nature to Nature's Cause and our thoughts are no longer buried beneath inert and senseless matter; but we see that, as the sunlight and the snowflake, the clouds and the nebulae, are held in solution by the clear ether of space in its invisible depths, and brought into the field of our senses by the expansions and contractions of its whirling vortices; so does the Great Spirit of the Universe hold all things in solution in the infinite embrace of the "All Person"; and that the evolutions, into space and time, of this vast panoply of material, atmospherean and etherean earths, worlds and heavens, are to us the incomprehensible activities of an infinite and unitary Love, Wisdom and Omnipotence.

Its ethical and spiritual views fully meet the requirements of the intelligently devout and spiritually minded. It portrays with terrible vividness, force and terseness the gigantic evils, with the fallacies that underlie them, which are organized into our present societary arrangements and governments.

A great many subjects treated of in the Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy are illustrated with plates, and many others left entirely unnoticed in this review. In the latter part are given rules and figures for prophesying the future. The general course of the earth and man through its recurring cycles is thus portrayed in this book.

The philosophy of this work is of no abstract character, but intensely practical and pointed in its treatment of all questions. It embodies a profounder wisdom than any of the world's accepted systems have yet attained, even by the most cultured.


by Edgar Lucien Larkin, Director of Mt. Lowe Observatory, 1900-1924

The most fascinating accounts in all literature are those depicted in Oahspe, of the escape of the survivors of the Continent of Pan, which sank beneath the Pacific Ocean 24,000 years ago. These survivors who sailed away and founded Japan, China, India, Persia, Egypt, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Yucatan, Mexico and that part of N. America formerly inhabitated by the Indians are described in a manner more interesting than any novel. No other book tells as much about the Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Hindus, Egyptians, and no other writing gives the names and portraits of the mighty builders of the Pyramids of Mexico, Central America and Egypt. They were all erected by the same race--the survivors of Pan.

I went to Mexico to see the work of these mighty builders from Pan. I saw their handiwork everywhere, and heard of many more. In the excavations in Oaxaca, Mexico and in Memphis, Egypt were found identical styles of sculpture. I saw enough in one week in Mexico to convince me that Oahspe is literal truth. Oahspe contains the original alphabets, the first letters of man. These same characters are found in the ruins of Monte Saint Alban in Mexico and in Memphis, Egypt.

No man, no combination of literary men, no committee of poets, dramatists, or the world's great writers--Shakespeares, Dantes, Miltons, Hugos, Byrons and their compeers--could produce Oahspe. This entire phenomenon, automatic writing and painting, now occurring with startling increase, is all inexplicable to me. I have seen such paintings appear under the brush. Of all astonishing things the eye of man ever beheld, these are the most wonderful.


LOS ANGELES TIMES: "OAHSPE stands out as one of the strangest, most fascinating books in the world."

"If I were being 'sent up' for life, in solitary confinement, and could take one book with me, but never have another, OAHSPE would be my choice. In fact, in such circumstances I would prefer it to any dozen books, including that excellent volume usually called the bible. Since reading it with mind awake OAHSPE has been preeminently THE BOOK--The Greater Bible of a grander people and a more glorious age."



Contains The Answer To Every Question

As a communication from Infinite Mind to finite minds, OAHSPE is not final, complete or infallible; but it is incomparably superior to any other yet received by the inhabitants of this planet. Passing by the internal evidence of this, let us consider these facts:

When OAHSPE was first published in 1882, its scientific teachings were scoffed at by mortal scientists; but every step of their progress since has tended to reverse the verdict, and today, on a hundred fields of eager research they are making, and evidently about to make, discoveries that proclaim OAHSPE as the ultimate textbook of Perfected Science.

A similar condition is before us in all fields of human interest and progress, for its prophecies are the keynote of all history since its publication. The daily record of current events in every land demonstrates that the Intelligence that wrote OAHSPE is actively overruling all mortal plans, purposes and efforts, in accordance with the program there revealed; and, by all the rules of precedent and probability, the management will not be changed till all is fulfilled.

Human thought is everywhere conforming to its teachings and foreshadowings. Evolution, Revolution and Revelation are within its comprehension. Socialism, Anarchism, New Thought, Christian Science, and the Revelation of Bahaullah flit across the stage to play their part in the transformation of the mortal mind.

To watch the present world-wide transfiguration scene, after reading OAHSPE, is like seeing a play, the theme, treatment and conclusion of which is familiar.

The wonderful library of inspired and revealed books appearing since the middle of the last century is not forgotten. A. J. Davis, Hudson Tuttle, T. L. Harris, J. M. Arnold and P. B. Randolph made a good beginning; and Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Anna Kingsford, Mary Baker Eddy, Frederick Oliver, Levi Dowling, George Chainey, and many others have voluminously continued the bewildering illumination. For which let us be duly thankful, appreciative and well equipped with attic salt.

But all these books, and many others yet unpublished, some, doubtless, yet unwritten, are comprehended in OAHSPE. Their coming confirms its foresight; their diversity emphasizes its universality, and their discords attest its Cosmic Harmony. Evident everywhere--and self-evident within them, is the testimony to their partial, fictitious and ephemeral character. They come to us, as OAHSPE says, from the ignorant, mischievous and rebellious angels of the first resurrection, flaunting the signs and signals of their origin.

Marvelous blends are they of fact and fiction, truth and error; objective and subjective cosmogony in weird confusion; and much that is fair and beautiful woven into theories and doctrines that bind their followers in darkness, and blind them to Jehovih's Light.

And the same is true of all the Bibles that have come down to us from the ages past, stifling the souls of millions with the weight and odor of hands long dead.

Verily, there is no foundation for permanent salvation here . . . or hereafter, in any of them.

And he who seeketh for truth and wisdom in any or all of them, without the key of a higher synthetic revelation, shall have a long, hard time getting wise.

But there is one point of general agreement: In some form, directly stated or evidently implied, the Millenium, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Fifth Monarchy, the Theocratic Commune, the Social Commonwealth, or whatever else it may be called, is an essential feature of all the bibles and revelations of ancient or modern times. And as OAHSPE outranks them all in other respects, so does it give the clearest and most comprehensive vision of the Good Time coming, and how to bring it into mortal manifestation.

OAHSPE is a compound word from the primitive universal language, signifying: Spiritual record of earth and heaven. It is a revelation for the Kosmon, or New Age, dating from 1848, and is unique for its supremacy over other Revealed, Inspired and Sacred Books of both ancient and modern times. It is so simple and direct that anyone can understand it, and so comprehensive that the wise find inexhaustible treasures in its melodius pages.

But the best thing about OAHSPE is the dynamic atmosphere of Knowledge, Wisdom and Power. Its Divine Psychology never fails; to read it receptively is to be mentally and spiritually transformed.

OAHSPE is a revelation from the higher heavens to the world of today. It is the miracle of a century.

The wisdom of the ages may be yours throughout eternity if you read, and heed, this message.