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- Welcome to J$tyles yamaha yzf r6 streetbike section -

1999, 2000, and 2001 r6 specs!
Find other riders in the US and Canada with r6's.
Check out lots of r6 pics, red, blue, racing, and more!
Come join the R6 Ridas club at yahoo with over 540 members.
Only one dyno for now but more will be added soon!
Check out pictures of my r6's.
Check out all the major exhausts reviewed and rated by J$tyles.
Put your 2 cents in on some popular streetbike polls.
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Brand new streetbike brotherhood message board ..started 5-08-01
Welcome to J$tyles yamaha yzf r6 page. Where you can learn about this great bike. Thanks for stopping by!

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Welcome to J$tyles yamaha yzf r6 page! This page is dedicated to the riders and the "Best 600cc" ever built. The r6 is the new sportbike technology of the future. With its 15,500 redline, ultra lightweight Deltabox II framed chassis, world class suspension, monster brakes, and its class leading horsepower the r6 with a experienced rider can't be beat!

" "Why is the R6 untouchable?" asked the experts at Motorcyclist magazine while crowning our phenomenal middleweight missile its 2001 600cc Shootout winner. "Because it manages a nearly impossible balancing act with its superb all-around balance."* Take note of that last word: balance. Which, in the vernacular of today’s hyper-competitive 600cc supersport class, means the ability to go, stop and turn better than everybody else — at both street and racetrack pace.
Oh, and did we mention that this earth-scorching level of performance has to be delivered pretty much right out of the crate? A tall order indeed … and one the R6 has been filling in spades since its debut three years ago. After all, where else can you find 200 horsepower-per-liter punch … courtesy of a stratospherically high-revving, liquid-cooled, 599cc, DOHC, 16-valve in-line four with Ram Air Induction … in a production sport bike engine? Or chassis geometry and weight … think aluminum Deltabox II frame and a miniscule 54.4" wheelbase … that delivers ultra-sharp handling on a par with our TZ250 GP racer? Now imagine all this muscle and mobility sheathed in super-sleek bodywork and styling as revolutionary as the performance itself.
The R6’s ram-air induction force-feeds cool, dense air into the combustion process, which then helps boost top-end power to a pulse-pounding 120 ponies. The only thing possibly sleeker than the R6’s svelte tail section is its trick, lightweight … and high-visibility … dual-bulb LED taillight design. " from

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