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(C) 1999 All Rights Reserved. All material presented within this web ring belongs to the individual author or publisher and may not be copied in any format without prior permission.

If you would like to join this web ring you must be an author or publisher. The ring master reserves the right to refuse any potential member without reason or cause.

Liberty Publishing International - Ringmaster

How to Join the eBooks Plus Web Ring.

1.) Fill in and submit the membership form below... When you submit your site, you are placed in the Queue until you are added to the Ring.

2.) Add the webring code to the first page of your web site... When you have been added to the Queue, you will receive an email containing your Site ID#, password, etc. In this email is a personalized copy of the HTML coding you must add to your webpage. Your email address, name and Site ID# have already been placed in the code for you! Add this code to your webpage and upload the page and the eBooks Plus Webring graphic below to your server. If you need help doing this, please contact the Ringmaster by clicking on the Ringmaster link above.

3.) Notify us of your publication and we will visit your web site to give your site an inspection. We will be looking for: A.) Author and publisher related materials;we will not accept adult only web sites; B.) The link (URL) for your site goes to the page displaying the eBooks Plus Webring graphic; C.) Correct HTML ring code has been placed on your web page.Both the code and the graphic are to be on the first page of your web site.

4.) Please place the Site ID# assigned to you in the Subject Line of the message telling us you are ready and do the same with all messages sent to the eBooks Plus Web Ring concerning webring issues. Be sure to include your site's URL within the body of your message to the Ringmaster.

Don't forget to download the ring graphics to your hard drive by right clicking on the graphic and select Save As (to one of your folders on your hard drive) and then upload them once you have the ring in place. Below is a sample of what the web ring will look like on your web site. The web ring promotes all sites within the eBooks Plus Web Ring. When someone wants to know about eBooks or Publishing, the eBooks Plus Web Ring will be their main resource for information, eBooks and publishers.

The eBooks Plus Web Ring offers a variety of eZines which are available on the internet for you to subscribe to. The eZine and a short description are listed below. If you would like to subscribe to any of these eZines, just click on the eZine name and it will direct you to their subscription area.

This Page is Still Under Construction.

Resources: (Watch For This List to Grow)

eZines: A good newsletter

Free email lists you can join: Home School Material

Newswire - Global Markets Newsletter


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