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"Yigaguu osaniyu adanvto nigohilvi nasquv utloyasdi nihi"
"May the Great Spirit's blessings always be with you"

An Indian Prayer

by H. Kent Craig

My grandfather is the fire
My grandmother is the wind
The Earth is my mother
The Great Spirit is my father

The World stopped at my birth
and laid itself at my feet

And I shall swallow the Earth whole
when I die
and the Earth and I will be one

Hail The Great Spirit, my father
without him no one could exist
because there would be no will to live

Hail The Earth, my mother
without which no food could be grown
and so cause the will to live to starve

Hail the wind, my grandmother
for she brings loving, lifegiving rain
nourishing us as she nourishes our crops

Hail the fire, my grandfather
for the light, the warmth, the comfort he brings
without which we be animals, not men

Hail my parent and grandparents
without which
not I
nor you
nor anyone else
could have existed

Life gives life
which gives unto itself
a promise of new life

Hail the Great Spirit, The Earth, the wind, the fire
praise my parents loudly
for they are your parents, too

Oh, Great Spirit, giver of my life
please accept this humble offering of prayer
this offering of praise
this honest reverence of my love for you.

The above Seal and link is posted on this web site with permission from......

The Offical Site Of The Cherokee Nation
based in Tahlequah, OK

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Below are some pictures that I have gotten from my Encarta. Please take the time to view them……
more pictures to come.......

"TRAIL OF TEARS"-- "The Trail Where They Cried" ("Nunna daul Tsuny").


" Cumnacatogue"

"Tah-chee" or "Dutch"

"Stand Watie "

"John Ross "

"John Drew"

"The Southren Cherokee Delegation"

This Ring is for the Native American Cherokee Indian. Thousands upon thousands of us have the Cherokee blood running through us in one form or another...and it is my belief that we can prove it by research through what we call Genealogy.So don't you think it is time to find our true roots and go and get them. So if you have a site that pertains to or is dedicated to the Cherokee Nation then this ring is for you. Join this web-ring...and show your support and your heritage....

But first please let me explain something..."Under "NO" circumstances will I allow any nude off colored material..."
This "Cherokee Web Ring" is for Cherokee Related Sites "ONLY" Now it may consist of Genealogy Related Cherokee Material.... Cherokee Culture Related Material..
If you decide to apply then "Please" understand that I will need to visit your site to confirm the contents "FIRST".....and then make my decision...."BUT" after you are allowed to be a part of this ring...and I recheck your site and come to find unrelated or restricted material...then I will have no choice but to remove you from the ring....
I know this may sound alittle harsh...but it is only for the good will of the ring.....
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