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Things that swing, to help guide your life to the Retro side of things!!


Swing Central 2001!

With the New Millenium well underway, it's time we got real nostalgic and
see how much of swing we can bring with us! With plenty of Vintage Fairs,
Auctions and shows, you'll be able to find lots of 40's and 50's, well everything! From the best Antique / Second hand dealer strip in Newtown (King Street), to Gavan's Auctionhouse in Alexandria, to various other fairs (Rose Seidler house in August, Collectables Fair in Parramatta in February etc) you can find enough furniture and knick knacks to fill your home. Although I usually like to keep my findings fairly hush-hush, I'll share a few tid-bits with you.

Recycling Works - 45 Parramatta Road, Annandale
They have some great kitchy stuff, from clocks to lamps, bars and dining
suites, mostly 50's stuff. They're open 7 days, and don't mind offers being

Newtown Furniture Haven - 435 King Street, Newtown
This place is huge! I haven't even had enough time to go through it all! They have some great stuff, I've seen the cutest 50's bar and deco lounge suite! (as far as I know, they're still there). They also make kidney shaped lounges, I know they're new, but they are nice.

Towers Antiques & Collectables - 539 King Street, Newtown
This place has some of the most amazing stuff I've ever seen! I picked up a
great 1930's bakelite blender! I've never seen anything like some of this stuff! Some of it's a little pricey, but in VERY good condition.

Eras Antiques & Curios - 537 King Street, Newtown
Mostly knick knack stuff, and all very nice. Reasonably priced too.

Faster Pussycat - 431A King Street, Newtown
This is more your neo-retro clothing & accessories and stuff, but they have
some killer books that you won't be able to get anywhere but the internet!
At least this way you can flick through and see if you want to spend the

So, go shopping!

Miss K Vixen
ps, please keep in mind that Swing Central get no incentives for recommending these places, but that they are because Miss Vixen finds browsing there worthwile, and sometimes even rewarding.

Cocktail Recipe - February
Another sophisticated drink served in your classic martini glass.  Crisp and slightly tart, this is a great drink for Valentines.

90ml martini glass
Fresh Lime
Cranberry Juice

Into a cocktail shaker, pour 30ml Vodka (per serving), squeeze fresh lime (1/2 lime per serve) and pour a good splash of cranberry juice over the top.   Stir vigourously with ice and strain into martini glass.  Garnish with lime wheel on the edge of the glass.

(There is a variation where Drambuie or Cointreau is added (15ml))

Sip slowly........

Cocktail Tips
*Don't pre-make cocktails if you can help it
*Make sure you stir milk or cream based cocktails before serving to avoid separation.

Cocktail Archives


Vintage Clothing comes back through Butterick & Vogue patterns!

That's right kittens, you can now successfully reproduce your very own vintage dresses!  Butterick & Vogue (and to a lesser extent, Simplicity) are re-releasing some of their original patterns, starting as far back as the late 1930's.   There are some FANTASTIC swing dresses, and some great suits and formal wear!   I know finding suitable material isn't easy, but you might be surprised as to what you can find in some of the larger stores like Spotlight & Home Yardage.  The Home Yardage in the city near the QVB is particularly good.
So flip, flop and fly into your closest clothing pattern store and see just how many you can make before everyone else does!!!!