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St. Margaret's Church


Location: Broad Sanctuary SW1

Telephone: 0171-222 5152

Admission Times: (Same as Westminster Abbey)
Daily 08.00am - 06.00pm
CLOSED: Weddings and Special Services

Admission Fee: None


NOTE: No photography permitted within St. Margaret's Church without special permission.

The Church

St. Margaret's stands very closely adjascent to the famous Westminster Abbey. As the official place of worship for the House of Commons (across the street to the east) and the bearer of several lovely memorial windows, many tourists find this 15th Century church a delightful diversion prior to joining the long queues for entrance to the Abbey.

St. Margarets has hosted many notable weddings including those of Sir Winston Churchill, Samuel Pepys and John Milton. The front pew is always reserved for the Speaker of the House of Commons.


This building is surprisingly austere in comparison to its exceedingly ornate neighbor. The unusually lackluster interior includes an ordinary clerestory and eight bays, but lacks a screen. Without the distraction of luxury, the eye is drawn to the host of memorials lining the walls. The old east window that depicts Catherine of Aragon and her doomed fiancee, Prince Arthur, was commissioned by her parents, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain. Because Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon before the window was complete, he had it sent to Waltham Abbey, where it remained until the 18th century until it was relocated to St. Margaret's. The west window is an American tribute to Sir Walter Raleigh, the founder of Virginia. A brass plaque states that he lies buried here, but it is believed that some time after his burial following his execution in Palace Yard that his widow removed the body to his estate in Surrey. Many others are commemorated by windows at St. Margaret's including Admiral Blake, who's interred body was removed from here by Charles II, John Milton, Caxton of printing fame and Goldsworthy Gurney, the pioneer of road steam coaches.


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