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Activities on a Shoestring

Welcome! This Web site is dedicated to the Activities Professionals in Long Term Care that are constantly trying to obtain the "BEST" for their residents for the least amount of money. Activities budgets tend to be limited; we often have to STRETCH the dollars. The purpose of this Web site is to supply you with ideas and resources that will give your residents the activities with everything needed to make each program special and unique.

Exchange of Activities Ideas
It is with much regret that I have found it necessary to remove the message board. In the last few days, the x-rated spammers have been very busy posting new messages on the message board. I do not appreciate this imposition onto a professional website, and I will not subject any Activities Professional viewers to this trash. I encourage all Activities Professionals to network with others in your area and check out all of the Activities websites. I will do my best to update this website monthly, beginning in February 2009. Thank you all for supporting "Shoestrings" in the past and for your future support. God bless you as you seek ways to make life more meaningful for your residents! ..............................................................................................Brenda


Exercises Can Be Fun!
Table Tennis
Frog Toss
Don't Limit Yourself
Tips to Sneak Movement into Other Activities

Community Involvement
Antique Car Show
Adopt a Resident
Dances & 6th Graders
School Programs
Community Theater Outings

Men's Activities
Sportsman's Club
Golf & Cookout
Woodworking for Alzheimer Residents

Sensory Stimulation Activities
Sensory/Social Groups
Moderate to Lower Functioning ('Busy Hands' and 'Busy Boxes')

Special Events
Presidents' Day Celebration
Seniors' Prom
Bridal Fashion Show

Shoe Shines
Life's Tug of War

Shoestring's Creator
About Brenda and Shoestring's Origin

Taking Care of Mother, Taking Care of Me" by Heydon Buchanan
"Adorable Photographs of Our Baby..." by Susan Berg
Activities Links
Educational Links


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September 2, 2007

This Web site is written & maintained by: Brenda Bogart

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