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Romeo Loft

Performance Based Racing Pigeons

Romeo Racing Pigeon Loft is located in Southern Indiana. We strive for pigeons that are high quality, have optimum health and are able to stand intensive training.

The mainstay families in our loft are Janssens and Houbens. We have obtained the highest quality pigeons from top breeders: Mike Ganus, Jim Calia, Bert Oostlander, David Clausing, Hackemer Meulemans, and Harold Lamons, to name a few. Our pigeons must have excellent eyesign, bodies and feather quality.

The pictured bird "Jo Ann's Joy" was the 1991 I.F. Convention winner. He has produced winning off-spring at Belleville One Loft Race, Hoosier Classic Futurity and in Ohio and throughout the country for others.

I've been racing for over 20 years. I'm experienced in pigeon health and eyesigning, using all five circles of the eye. I enjoy entering futurities, particularly one loft races, and have had many winners. I have flown the lighting and darkening systems. This year I will be using the lesbian hen system in my old birds. I'm interested in hearing from anyone that uses this system for their comments and ideas.

John Hadlock
1004 W. 2nd Street
Bicknell, IN 47512


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