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Deisher's PDQ Racing Lofts

Welcome to Deisher's PDQ Racing Lofts' homepage. First question, PDQ is not the old standby because we all know not every race is QUICK! Our PDQ stands for:

"Physically Dominant Qualities"

 After many years of evaluation of the breeders around the United States we have found that Mike Ganus exemplifies our goals more than anyone else. He has a never ending desire to bring the best birds in the world to our country and make their offspring available to all. We breed exclusively Ganus Family Bloodlines. Deisher's PDQ Racing Lofts has acquired foundation quality breeders from Mike Ganus, Fred Smeltzer, and Harold Lamons. We breed from the newest lines such as "Super Crack Olympiade 699" , "Hollywood", "Ikon", "President", "Godfather", "World Champ", "BMW", and the old lines such as "Champion 969", "Continental Class", "Robin Hood", "Mike's Pick", "Da Bull", "Wiskey Business", "Assured Gold" and "Granger's Diamond". We have refined the old reliable families into "Physically Dominant Qualities" Racing Machines! Check out our 1998 Race Results. Our goal is to integrate the newest families into the existing families to create the New Millenium PDQ Racing Families. We breed from 40 individual pens, therefore there is no doubt as to parentage. Write, call, or e-mail for a free breeding catalog which shows pedigrees of our most popular matings.

Ronald Deisher, Jr.

21515 E. Darwin Ferry Rd.

West Union, IL 62477


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