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Self Taught Typing

My name is Kevin Wiese, internet name "gimcrack"

You have stepped into my Self-Taught-Typing Class.

Before you begin the first lesson, you might like to read the Self-Taught-Typing Manual

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1.1) Place fingers in home-key position
Home Keys

a. Locate on the chart asdf (home keys for left hand) and jkl;(home keys for right hand).

b. Locate the home keys on your keyboard. Place fingers of your left hand on asdf and of your right hand on jkl; with your fingers well curved and upright (not slanting).

c. Remove your fingers from the keyboard; then place them in home-key position again, curving and holding them lightly on the keys.

1.2) Learn to strike keys and space bar

a. Strike the key with a quick, sharp finger stroke; snap the finger slightly toward the palm of the hand as the keystroke is made.

b. Strike the space bar with the right thumb; use a quick down-and-in motion (toward palm). Avoid pauses before or after spacing.

c. Study the keystroking and spacing instructions; then type the drill as directed.

d. Type ff (space) jj (space) twice as shown:

ff jj ff jj

On line two, type dd (space) kk (space) twice:

dd kk dd kk

On line three, type ss (space) ll (space) twice:

ss ll ss ll

On line four, type aa (space) ;; (space) twice:

aa ;; aa ;;

1.3) Type home-key letters

a. Type the lines as shown

ff ff jj jj dd dd kk kk ss ss ll ll aa aa ;; ;; fj

f j fj d k dk s l sl a ; a; fj dk sl a; fj dk sl a

a;a fdsa jkl; asdf ;lkj a;sldkfj a;sldkfj a;sldkfj

1.4) Type words and phrases

a. Type the lines once as shown.
If time permits, retype them.
note: Space with the thumb, and use down-and-in motion on the keys.

a a ad ad lad lad all all as as ask ask fall falls

a fad; a fad; as a lad; as a lad; all ads; all ads

a; a fall; a fall; a jak; a jak; ask dad; ask dad;

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