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Forthcoming JanaSamsad 
10-12 Dec. 98 Amarawati 
INDIA Dr.Manvendra Kachole, Rahi,Khokadpura,
Aurangabad, 431001 
    Farmers For Freedom   
    Farmer Womens Conferance, Chandwad, 1989
      Farmers for Freedom,  
      for Free Economy,   
      and for Minimum   
      Political Governance 

    Farmer has been the main victim of all repressive regimes world over.     
    After centuries of repression, farmers are emerging as entrepreneurs.    
    The New Farmers Movement has developed during last twenty years.  
    It has been fighting for freeing the economy of all state interventions.   
    The movement is against statism.   
    Freeing the economy will not only take care of farmers themselves but ensure prosperity for the Nation.    
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