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Jana Samsad 
10-12 December. '98  Amarawati,  

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Farmers For Freedom
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Angarmala, Ambethan 410501
Taluka Khed, Dist. Pune

Welcome to our Site!  


      New Farmers Movement In India 
      Farmers For 
      Free Economy and for  
      Minimum Political Governance    


Liberal Party of    
Jana Samsad   

Sharad Joshi    

Farmers Organization, Farmer Women's Organization and    
Liberal Party of India.   

Farmer leader, Activist, Academician and the Most Articulate Spokesman of New Farmers Movement in India.        


    What is New Farmers Movement?    
      New farmers movement arose after 1980 in various states almost simultaneously. Farmers agitations, uprisings and movements date from as early as 1789. For over 150 years, farmers rose in revolt in isolated regions for local grievences. The objectives were to seek government help, subsidies, concessions etc.  
      The new farmers movement distinguishes itself by five features.   
      • The movement is economistic.  
      • It is secular.  
      • It believes in nonviolance and constitutional agitations.  
      • It is not pastoral in outlook.  
      • It has a distinctive world view based on positive liberalism.
      Economic Doctrine of The New Farmer's Movement
      • Economic development is natural 
      • Distortions in economic progress are due to malicious interference with the process of capital accumulation 
      • The real reason for the vicious circle of underdevelopment is the colonial or neo-colonial expropriation of agricultural surplus 
      • If the governments of the third world countries would give up their efforts to intensify and perpetuate poverty, the poverty would disappear on its own. 

        September 1, 1998  
        Farmers for Freedom Web site Launched   
        Sugar Industry Delicensed   
        Quotes: On Delicensing  
        State Congress plans to oppose sugar delicensing decision   
        Government Has Banned Onion Export    
        Jana Samsad on 10-12th  December    
        Joshi Suggests Action on Six Major Issues in Agriculture   
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