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Visions of Adonai Designs

University and College Educators Libraries On-line

Australian National Library
Catalogs, archives, resources, and collections from Australian libraries.

Baylor Universities Libraries
Searchable database of Baylor library contents and links to other search facilities.

Colorado Schools of Mines
Library resources on Geology and Mining. Catalog and links to resources.

Divinity Library at Vanderbilt University
Theology library with catalog, resources, electronic journals, and databases.

Electric Library
A commercial personalized research tool. Subscription fee after 30 day trial.

Golden Gate University Library
Golden Gate University catalog, databases, and on-line resource links.

Innovative Internet Applications
A collection of innovative library sites which use the Internet in a creative way.

Internet Law Library
A government sponsored Law resource with searchable databases, resource links, global law collections.

Internet Public Library
The University of Michigan offers this useful gateway to finding references and resources on the Internet.

Library of Congress
Excellent resource on American history, US government, exhibitions, and research collections.

The Berkeley Digital Library presents Libweb, a directory of global academic, public, national, and gateway library catalogs.

National Library of Medicine
A comprehensive database of national health and medicine resources, collections, and search tools.

New York State Library
Catalog, databases, links to documents, research, news, culture, business in New York State.

Oregon State Universities Libraries
Library catalogs, databases, theses, remote access to other libraries.

Social Law Library
A Massachusetts based collection, in operation since 1804. Comprehensive resource.

SUNY Morrisville Library
Library catalogue, CIHANL and other health topic databases, links to on-line resources.

University of Exeter Library
Collection of catalogs, resources, museums, scholarly activities from United Kingdom universities.

University of Mississippi Libraries
Library catalogue, on-line resources, and U. of Mississippi information.

Washington Research Library Consortium
The WRLC is a regional resource-sharing organization from seven universities in the Washington, D.C. area.

Yale University Library
Library catalog, collection of services, resource links.