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Map of Big Thicket The Texas Big Thicket

December 1999

A little bit of East Texas History and a whole lot of down-home country fun.

"You'll find every critter in there from crickets to elephants."
The claim that elephants abide there is an exaggeration, but little else said about the Big Thicket is an overstatement. Bears and wolves are gone, but bobcats, panthers and coyotes remain. These lively creatures share the area with rugged armadillos, water spiders the size of a man's hand, and the kind of colorful hummingbird that will buzz in your face until you get out of his path. In the lush woods, swamps, and canebrakes there are plants of every zone from subtropical to arid. Pines, oaks, boxelder, and cypress stand thick and tall along with at least 70 other kinds of tree.

The largest city in the Thicket is Orange (population 22,525 in 1990), and within its city limits are both thousands of alligators and 14 varieties of wild orchid.

Entertainment at Big Thicket Camp
Entertainment at Milner's fishing camp. The camp had only one old 78 to play, Button and Bows sung by Doris Day.

Hidee...! I'm John. Herein I try to paint a picture of a special part of Texas through its native creatures - both human and the higher orders.

Articles & Jokes
Jokes and myths



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Ivory-Billed WoodpeckerIs the Magnificent Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Truly Extinct?

The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker is larger than a crow and his call sounds like a high false note on a clarinet. Biologists declared it extinct in 1992, but woodsmen have claimed sightings since then. In 1967 a land owner brought the body of one to the Kountze News. Is this magnificent bird truly gone, or has he only retreated deeper into the secluded Thicket?

Whether or not carrying a flashlight will prevent an alligator attack Baby Gatordepends strictly on how fast you carry it.
Hawg Dog
Hawg Dogs
By J. Cullen Browning

Over in the piney woods and canebrake country near and around Hemphill's area of the Thicket, you've gotta have a couple of dawgs if you're gonna raise razorbock hawgs.

Hawg Dogs

First appeared in Texas Parade Magazine, January 1964

Barney's New Caddy

By the Rev. Guston H. Browning

A Thicket man suits himself.

Barney's New Caddy

Lunch with Mr. Conn

Lunch with Mr. Conn
By Coach B

Enjoying a couple of bright spots in life courtesy of a man who received nationwide recognition for bringing happiness to others .

Lunch with Mr. Conn

An Almost Unbelievable Confederate Civil War Victory

It was 48 Houston Irishmen Gun Boatagainst a water-borne Union force of 6,000, and the outcome rocked the citizens of both warring nations back on their heels. Read the true story of
The Battle of Sabine Pass

The Bill
The Books

A little boy learns about settling accounts with his mother.

The Bill

The Battle of Sabine Pass is a current feature of
East Texas at a Glance
If it takes a lot of words to say what you have in mind, give it more thought.

Dennis Roch

A city-slicker in his shinny Lexus was lost and agitated on a narrow farm-to-market road near Buna when he met a woman in a pickup going in the opposite direction.  As both cars slowed to a crawl to pass in the limited room, the lady rolled her window down and shouted "Pig!"  Enraged, the man rolled his window down and yelled back "Cow!" Then he stomped hard on the gas and, rounding a sharp turn, ran smack dab into a big fat pig.

Submitted by the Rev. Guston H. Browning, Houston

Dinner with Hot Sauce

A Big Thicket native will back down when something from somewhere else is better.  For instance, he will admit that the best hot sauce comes from across the Sabine River in Louisiana.

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The Best Laid Plans ...

This happened when Rev. David Parker was pastor of the Methodist Church in Hemphill.  A man who was new in the church came to David at a covered dish lunch after church one Sunday and asked if David would introduce him to that good-looking blonde who was sitting by herself at a nearby table.  "I've noticed," said the man, "that she is always by herself in the worship services, too.

David said, "Sure, I'll be glad to introduce you."

They walk over to the blonde's table and David said to the man, "I'd like for you to meet my wife Nina."

True event reported by Rev. Guston Browning, Houston


Some question the correctness of my spelling of the contraction of "you all," but just consider the popular hail to one or more cohorts on a Saturday down on the Square,

"Where yawl think yawl a'goin'?"

Just substitute "y'all" for "yawl" in that greeting and see if it still looks East Texas. Don't to me.

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