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Some of you might disagree to this idea, to this combination. But I'm sure some will agree, so, this site's for you -
the X fans who share my idea (and you may say "vision")...

Ororo & Logan secret World

What's in the site ?
  • Fan Art
  • Fan Fiction
  • Scaned Art by Marvel comics
  • L.o.c.L (List of cool Links)
  • DownLoad your favorite couple stuff

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    27 October
    Thank you so much!!!
    WOW !!! really WoW !
    Thank you, friends , for all the support!
    I wish to thank all the great people that wrote to me 'love your site' letters, I can't tell you how much it warms my heart and makes me happy to know you like my site --- thanx ;))) !!!
    Thank you Diana Garcia Thanks to Diana I've put screenshots from 'One Man's Worth' episode !!!
    Check it down here
    Thank you ;) !

    What's not ???
    Well, all the site is fresh & new, and you're welcome to try it on ;)
    For the ones who don't think Logan and Ororo should be togther, well, you're still welcome to see that you're wrong... just kidding; Enjoy the pics and the links and maybe then you'll change your mind.Ha?
    It's important for me to know if you like the site.
    So if you want you can contact me by E-mailing to my site E-mail address (secret-world@fly.to).
    I'm full of hope you like my site and you'll send fan art, fiction, pics and other stuff (No death threats pleeeeease...).
    Then,Enjoy, and... hmmm... Enjoy...

    Why Logan and Ororo ?

    Why is a very good question, why indeed ?
    Well let's see, it's like the Yin & Yang.Logan is the Yang (of course),he is the active (wow,that for sure...) bright (skin,of course) male (that's what we know...), and Ororo is the Yin.She is the dark female(Both,I hope, real facts..),although She isn't passive as the Yin.
    So, if they are the Yin and Yang, they must fit.
    That's why I think they fit good to each other. Moreover, they're just nice togther, don't they ?!

    The TV thinks the same...

    Do you know the season 4's wonderful X-men episodes about husband and wife name Wolverine and Storm ?!
    I do, and you know what?! when I saw this episodes I started thinking ;'gee, this X-men are pretty cool !'
    So get to know my fevorite TV X-men episodes, and I hope you'll see them somewhen.
    ScreenShots Check it down here donated by Diana Garcia :)

    One Man's Worth, Part 1

    Bishop and his sister Shard travel back in time in order to stop an alternate and unacceptable future--a future without Professor X and where the X-Men never existed. Brother and sister arrive in 'alternate present,' where humans battle violently against 'The Leader' Magneto, and his followers who include husband and wife Wolverine and Storm. Can Bishop and Shard convince Storm and Wolverine that someone whom they have never met, Charles Xavier, holds the fate of mutant-human relations in his hands? Can they convince Storm and Wolverine to choose to create a future which holds the promise of Xavier and the X-Men but which denies them the love they have found in this life?

    One Man's Worth, Part 2

    Failing to stop the assassination of Xavier, Storm convinces Wolverine they must help Shard and Bishop until they succeed in ensuring Xavier's existence. They travel forward to the future but now the past has changed enough so that Forge's time travel machine has never been tested--not to mention that Forge has no idea who these four time travelers are! Will Nimrod succeed in stopping them? Will Forge's machine function...if he even allows them to use it? Or will this band of time travelers fail to save Xavier for a second time?

    If you don't know about Logan or about Ororo , read about them here:

    The man also known as Wolverine is an X-MEN using his animal-keen senses, healing factor, and razor-sharp adamantium claws to help protect a world that fear and hates him and all the mutants!!!
    Before she was recruited by Professor Xavier, Ororo Monroe was worshipped as a storm goddess in Africa. Since becoming an X-Man, Storm has used her power to control the forces of weather to help save a world that would consider other mutants as less than human.

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