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About The Artist

I was born in a suburb of Chicago in 1963, a time with limited sci-fi on TV. Sure, if you read books, there were whole universes to explore, but visually, it was primitive. The cover art for those books held my interest sometimes more. I can read a book once or twice, but those pictures... they I could stare at for hours, looking at details, wondering what was just beyond the edge...

Some of the things that influenced my style would be album covers like Boston, muscle cars of the '60's, and that kids show from England, the Thunderbirds. The Jules Verne movies held me in awe as a kid; I ate them up. But these things only let me see what they wanted me to see... "Beyond the Edge" was still a limit to me. I started building beyond the edge with Legos. Space ships, cities, submarines, and cars. Actually, I never really stopped building with them as I have a 7-foot Lego Ship in my living room called "The Komodo," which you can see on my old page
Then one day in 1997, a friend gave me an old computer. Within a month, it caught on fire... what fun! This didn't stop me though, and I soon had a slightly faster computer. At first I had planned to use it for basic stuff, bills and whatnot, until I found the Paint program. For the first time in my life, I could make straight lines... and in color! While I still loved Legos, the computer didn't take up the whole floor. I have now outgrown a series of ever faster computers and newer graphics programs.

I would love to do this type of thing for a living. The various logos and name pictures were done for people I have met in Lycos Chat Rooms. By using a program called ICQ, I can work on the logo and talk with the person while I'm doing it, sending ideas for their approval.

Other programs I have experience with are: Bryce 3D, Adobe Photoshop 5.0, Adobe Illustrator 8, Kias Power Goo, Poser2, and Picture Publisher LE.

I am now attending college to learn all I can about computer graphics, and to broaden my horizons.

Zackary Lowing