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(: ~*~Zac'Z VR~*~ :)

thiS pAgE iS sOlEy fOr Zac'Z WoRk bEcAuSe hE dOeS a dAmN gOoD jOb! TAkE yEr TimE to ViEw EaCh oNe, anD emAil HiM if yOU haVe anY quEsTioNs oR coMmenTs!! hE'll bE looKiNg fORwArD tO iT! *grIN*

b@ll o' mId

SuNriSe ovEr tHe EmErAld iSleS


rObOt dEatH iN tEcHnO-cOloR

F-31 Sc@lDer iN GrEy SkIeS



RCky 144

EnGinE bLuE



SpIdEr_WoRlD! *they're tak'n over* *eg*

DYNONOCHUS~~~7' long, 2.5' wide and about 12lbs. around 12000 pieces


If you have any interest contact him @

oR yOU can Just SiGn hIs gUeStBoOK!! *griN* thanK yOU and COmE aGAin!!

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