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~*~Z.V.R.... Zac's Version Of Reality™~*~

Welcome To My Humble Abode

In your head, you have an idea. Then what? I can help. Computers have opened up a whole new way for me to show the world what I see in my mind's eye. To let the imagination run wild is one thing; to have others see it, feel it, and smile at it is another. Z.V.R.™- Let me be the interface between your mind's eye vison and the world.

Zac Lowing: Computer Graphics Artist, Inventor, Writer, and much more.
The second renaissance is here... be there...

All the pictures on this web page can be special ordered in sizes up too 36' wide. Drop Zac a line for more info.
All the images on these pages can be purchaced starting at $400 printed on adhesive backed high quality material in 2x3 foot sizes. Custom sizes upon order. They will be packaged in a tube and sent within 2 weeks.

*Please Be Patient: These pages contain graphics that may take a minute or two to load, depending on your connection speeds and browser. Best viewed with the latest version of Internet Explorer.*

Last Update: November 6, 2003

Contact Zac on ICQ: #23777855 (Don't have ICQ? Get it here.)

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